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Stucco Painting in Cedarhill,Seagoville and Surrounding Areas

CertaPro Painters® of Cedarhill-Seagoville offers expert stucco repairs and painting services. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial properties. Stucco Repairs and Painting is one of the additional services we provide. Our team of painting professionals at CertaPro Painters® Cedarhill-Seagoville knows just how to handle your stucco painting and repair needs. We know the struggle stucco homeowners face when it comes to bulging stucco brown streaks, and cracks. We will work with you to figure out your unique situation and restore your home to it’s best state.

Apart from the fact that painting your stucco makes it look better, paint also helps protect the stucco from rain, pollution, and mold. It also helps to preserve stucco and prevent cracking and crumbling. We want you to enjoy your stucco for years to come. We apply a coat of waterproof paint which will expand and contract to provide superior protection.

Stucco Paint Color Ideas for your Texas Home

Below are some stucco homes our team has painted in the DeSoto, TX area.

White Stucco


White paint gives a stucco home a crisp and modern feel.

Tan Stucco


If you are going for a traditional look, a neutral tan color will work great. Many homeowners like this option because it allows the landscaping around their home to stand out.

Orange Stucco


Orange is a popular stucco paint color in the area. Orange gives a nice pop of color to a home while still looking classic.

Terracotta Stucco


You can't go wrong with earth tones on stucco homes.

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Why wait until your stucco damage gets worse? Contact CertaPro Painters® of Cedarhill-Seagoville today. Because each stucco project is unique, we will send a CertaPro Painters® of Cedarhill-Seagoville expert to make an on-site evaluation and give you a fair and accurate quote for stucco repair cost or a stucco painting estimate. You can schedule an estimate online or by phone.

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