5 Tips to Hire the Best Commercial Painting Contractors

Running a business involves many details and can leave you in a fog. When cosmetic improvements are necessary, it feels like one more item on a to-do list. Bringing in painters can allow your business to look its best without causing downtime in your operation. Learn the 5 tips to hire the best commercial painting contractors.

Hire Professionals.

There’s a big price gap between hiring a handyman to put paint on the walls and a professional painting crew with knowledge and experience in jobs just like yours. Lower prices could lead you to less than stellar work and potentially repairs. Messy walls send the wrong message to your customers. In the end, the cost could be more than the professional painters. Working with the pros mean more experience hands on the project in addition to the required licensing, bonding and insurance to support their work.

Compare a minimum of three commercial painting contractors.

A quick search of the internet should allow you to find several painters. Schedule times with some of them to go over your project needs. You’ll need options. Ask each for details on their policies, warranties, deposits, repairs and timelines. For exterior work, inquire about inclement weather plans.

Interview potential commercial painting contractors.

At your estimate appointment, do not hesitate to ask questions. You want to make sure you are completely comfortable with the company you choose. As you set and attend the appointment take into consideration the following items: How did the company treat you? Were you taken care of in a timely and professional manner? Are your questions answered? This should all be taken as an example of the way you’ll be taken care of through the project.

Beyond talking about specific details of your job, here are some more general questions you should consider asking:

How long has your company been in business?
What type of paint and how many coats do you use?
What protective equipment do your employees use?
How do you handle paint spills?
Do you utilize any subcontractors?

All of these should be easily answered by your estimator. If they hesitate or don’t know, move on to the next contractor on your list.

Ask for references and contact them.

References are a starting point for picking a painter. No painter is going to give you reference information on a job that had problems or went awry. Still, check the references and have a frank conversation with those clients. In conjunction, you should do your own research into online reviews because these will be a more unbiased view of various jobs the company has completed.

Always get it in writing.

An estimator can provide you with general ideas of what work you need and the costs for it. Next, either after your appointment or via email later, you should get a full listing of the work and costs to do it. Avoid a scrawled number on a business card or notepad. Your estimate needs to include the following:

Expected start and end dates
Times for each work day
Preparation and clean-up details
Any applicable warranties
Payment expectations including schedule

Learn more about our commercial painting services and see our case studies. We’d love to be considered to be your commercial painting contractors so schedule a free estimate to meet with us today.