14 May 2020

Welcoming Hallway Color Ideas

If you are considering starting an interior painting project you may be concentrating on the obvious spaces in your home such as the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, even bathrooms. The question is… Have you thought about the hallways? Although it may not seem like it, hallways are very important spaces in our homes. They areRead the full article

14 April 2020

Why You Should Paint the Exterior of your Home this Spring

The winter months are coming to an end and spring will be here before we know it.  This means more people will be out and about so your home will be seen a lot more throughout the warm months. If you haven’t had the exterior of your home painted recently and it is looking aRead the full article

08 February 2020

Best Scents for your Home

A well-scented home is like the cherry on top to a nicely decorated home. It takes the atmosphere to the next level. The smell of sense is closely linked to memory, smelling something from our childhood could bring us right back to that time. This is why having a nice smelling house can go aRead the full article

18 November 2019

3 tips when painting your home’s exterior in the winter months

Exterior painting in the colder months can be a tricky juncture. It could be sunny and warm in the afternoon, but before long the sun drops and the temperature follows. Mornings could be cool and dewey or perfectly for painting. But where is the line? Here are 3 tips when painting your home’s exterior inRead the full article

07 October 2019

Prep Your Interior For The Holidays With These Paint Ideas

It’s time to plan for your cozy family holiday plans. The season is fast approaching and if you’re hosting, now is the time to get your home in tip top shape. Paint is the quickest and easiest solution for a drab home. Here is how to prep your interior for the holidays with these paintRead the full article

08 September 2019

Designer Tricks That Will Make Any Space Look More Open

Paint can make your room feel cramped or cozy, despite the square footage being the same. Professional decorators have been trained in ways to make the rooms you have work to your needs. That can mean making a ceiling feel lower and not so towering, or opening up a room to feel larger. Here areRead the full article

12 August 2019

Painting Hacks To Use Now

Painting doesn’t have to be the big, daunting task it seems to be. Our experts have used their experience and knowledge to create a list of the painting hacks to use now. They will make your project more bearable and turn out more professional. Preparation Instead of a traditional drop cloth, try flattened cardboard toRead the full article

05 June 2019

6 Clever Ways to Use Paint for Pops of Color in Your Home

A pop of color is a good way to give you a new feeling in an old room. With a little bit of courage, your home will be a stylists dream. Here’s 6 clever ways to use paint for pops of color in your home. Accent Wall Creating an accent wall has become a normalRead the full article

25 March 2019

Paint Your Front Door This Color and Raise Your Home Value by $6,000

Every home seller is looking to increase their curb appeal. WiFi lights, Nest thermostat and crown molding are not necessary to give you the edge in the housing market. All you need is to paint your front door this color: black. According to Zillow a black or dark grey front door raises the value ofRead the full article

15 February 2019

What to Expect in a Cabinet Refinishing Project

Your kitchen needs an update. The dreaded bill for new cabinets haunts your nightmares. Rather than tackle that, get the same rejuvenation with a cabinet refinishing project. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you should expect the same basic steps and outcome. With a professional, you should expect an in-home consultation withRead the full article