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Color Consulting Services

Whether you want the interior or exterior of your home painted, CertaPro Painters® of the Main Line is there to help. Not only can you get time with a professional color consultant, but you can also use the CertaPro Painters® MyPaint Colors™ visualizer to virtually paint the interior and exterior of your home, so you’ll know exactly which colors to pick!

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Susan Newcomer

Designer/Color Consultant

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Are you ready to have your home transformed with a fresh interior or exterior color? Contact CertaPro Painters® of the Main Line today for a free painting estimate and to discuss your color consultation needs.


Color Consulting Specifics

THE COLOR CONSULTANT WILL BRING THE COLORS: the Color Consultant will be bringing decorator palettes from several paint manufactures to help you with your selections. These decorator palettes are unique in the size of the paint chips: rather than tiny chips you find at the paint stores, they are at least 5 times as big and give you a much better idea of the final look.

HOW THE CONSULTS TYPICALLY GO: The Color Consultant will work with your existing fabrics, window treatments, carpet samples and most importantly your own ideas and feelings about how the room should look to help you choose your colors.

The consultations typically last an hour, and you will be left with samples of the colors that you decided on. Susan will then email this information to CertaPro Painters when she is done.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING: Please call at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule a time to meet. If I don’t have advanced warning of a cancellation I will still pay the Color Consultant for their time (which I would like to pass on to you). Thank you for your consideration.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: Please email or call 610-525-8484.

PS: The Color Consultant occasionally makes suggestions that may add to the overall cost of the job (accent walls, changing trim colors, bold colors, etc.) Below is some information to let you know what those additional charges would be.


Changing Products 
1. A preference of a paint manufacturer other than Sherwin Williams and MAB or Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec
a. Why: Added cost since we do not get our deep pricing discount, and the additional time to travel to a different store.
b. Additional Cost: The price differential (anything above $15/gallon you pay)
2. Changing the sheen on the walls from flat to a shinier finish.
a. Additional preparation time since shinier products are less forgiving, additional time to apply product to prevent “flashing”, plus additional cost for product.
b. Additional Cost: Add 15% to the cost of the room.

Choosing Deep Colors
1. A bold color on walls.
a. Why: We typically specify FC (Full Coverage guaranteed up to 2 coats) on walls. This does not account for the third coat that may be necessary with color changes.
b. Additional Cost: $44/man-hr + any materials.
2. Changing the trim color dramatically unless 3 coats are specified
a. Why: Bold changes in trim color are not accounted for if the proposal states 2 coats and/or FC (Full Coverage guaranteed up to 2 coats).
b. Additional Cost: contact Chris Drucquer

Changing Contract Specifics
1. An accent wall in a room
a. Why: additional paint cost, additional time to switch from one color to the next and to “cut-in” the corners
b. Additional Cost: $75/accent wall
2. Changing the trim color unless 2 coats specified.
a. Why: If the color is changed it almost always needs a 2nd coat to cover properly
b. Additional Cost: Depending – see proposal, or contact me.
3. More than 1 color (typically ceiling white) on all of the ceilings.
a. Why: Added cost in material, and time to change from one color to the next
b. Additional Cost: $50/additional color
4. Requesting additional preparation
a. Why: Additional time to prepare to a higher standard than specified in proposal.
b. Additional Cost: $44/hr or roughly 10-15% per room.

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Color Consultations by CertaPro Painters® of the Main Line

Learn more about our color consultation services by watching the video below!


“When it comes to choosing color, I like to find out in general what the customer’s likes and dislikes are. Is there anything that you don’t like, anything that really bugs you, or anything that you’ve even seen in a magazine or at a friend’s that really stuck out, that you really love? So I always start there to make sure that you kinda do the behind the scenes work before you pick a color that you’re gonna live with for a while.

You don’t want to spend money on a room and have it look like very similar to what it looked like before the paint you got there. So I try to give them a new look, a fresh kind of vision. They can use new accessories and different colors that they haven’t been able to use before, and that’s fun. So people love that. And when we do that and we can get people to that place, they’re really happy with that.” – Susan Newcomer

Paint Color Consulting

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