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Common Questions When Hiring a Painter

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How DO we schedule?
We schedule to start a specific week – and communicate to you by email. On the Friday prior to the week we start your job we will email you with YOUR crew chief’s contact info, and some idea when he will be starting. He will typically contact you by the end of the weekend and work out the best day/time that works for his crew and your household. If you get antsy, just give him a call! We always call the day before to confirm exact time.

Why do we stay away from specific start dates?
Standard procedure in the painting industry is to give clients an EXACT start date. Unfortunately, while this can be comforting – it is unrealistic to promise. Please keep in mind the job your crew is working on prior to yours. Their are many reasons why a job may run long (weather, color changes, additions, illness, etc.). What we don’t do is start a new job when the previous job is not finished because it leads to TWO unhappy clients (we’re jumping between jobs) and an unfocused crew chief. We want to focus on your job only. . . it just may be another day or two before we can start. Now once we are there, we are GREAT at hitting specific deadlines if we are aware of them ahead of time and have access to the house into the evening and weekends.

Why do you email so much?
The number one reason is that I’ve found it is best for sharing the information I gather. Rather than “whisper down the lane” everything is captured and shared – within the company (say with your crewchief) and within YOUR family so we’re all on the same page.

Decisions to be Made
How do I decide colors?
We’re here to help – we can mail you paint charts, or you can pick up at your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore store. Let us know if you want to meet our main color consultant Susan Newcomer with Beautiful Home for a free color consultation. We do not need the final colors until the day we arrive. You can email them to us, or go over with your foreman on the first day.

When do we buy the paint?
We typically do not buy the paint until we meet you on the first day of the job. You are free to change your mind until then! Please let your crew know of your final colors when they arrive.

Do I need the higher level of preparation?
100% your decision. Most are happy with our standard level.
For interior painting – If you find that minor details in painting bother you I would consider the additional preparation.
For exterior painting – your job will last longer the more preparation that is done. Our standard preparation is comparable and adequate – but Level 4 will last longer.

What is this “second coat” option? Do I need it?
Interior: For interior bids, we assume up to two coats on ceilings and walls which is sufficient for all but VERY bold colors. The “2nd coat” option is for the trim. If you match the current trim color it typically looks completely fine with 1 coat. If you change the trim color it will need a 2nd coat. You make this decision.
Exterior: Most surfaces that are in decent condition look good with one finish coat (bare areas are primed). A 2nd coat is needed if there is a color change (even slight) or INTENSE preparation. This is a decision you make.

Do you need help getting your house ready for the painting (removing paintings, cleaning out closets) or help putting things back afterwards?
If so, please contact Anna, our Personal Organizer:

Once the job is started do I contact you or my crew chief?
As soon as I email your foreman’s contact info they are your main contact. Feel free to keep me in the loop – but your foreman is the one that is on your job everyday and they need the most up-to-date information.

Can the men work alone in my house?
Absolutely, and this is the most common scenario. My men have been with me a very long time and I completely trust them. Feel free to lend them a key if you would prefer so they can lock up when they leave.

What happens if there is a problem?
Contact your foreman first, they almost always find a way to work through it with you. Our motto is “do the right thing” where something comes up. Of course, if they are not able to fully satisfy you PLEASE let me know.

How do you pay us?
We typically do not invoice – my proposals are set up so you and your foreman can work out the final price together. Your deposit should already be deducted on their work order. Please make the check out to CertaPro Painters of the Main Line and give to the foreman. You can also leave for him to pick up – or mail to our office at 24 N. Bryn Mawr Ave #208 Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. If you are using EZPay – email me and I will handle that for you. Contact me if you need to make any other arrangements at [email protected].

Once we’re done

What if something is missed on your job?
Our crews take a LOT of pride in their work. Occasionally something is missed. Best to walk around with your crew chief when the job is done, but you may still notice something later. If that is the case, give your crew chief a call – he will arrange to meet you and address any issues! If for any reason you have a tough time reaching your foreman, or you are not 100% satisfied please let me know by emailing us at [email protected] or calling my cell at 215-783-8118. We want to make SURE you are happy with our work.

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