Preparing for your Paint Color Consultation

Arrival and Quick Tour

When the consultant arrives, he or she will sit with you for a few moments to try to get to know you and your personal style. They will ask about your likes/dislikes and any other general thoughts you may have in how you want your home to feel and look.

From there, a quick tour could include areas to be painted as well as surrounding areas so that everything will blend together in the end nicely.

What YOU Want is Important

Just a tip, be sure to try and let the consultant know what YOU want. She wants to please YOU more than anything and in the end wants your home to reflect YOU.

Think about what neutrals you like best. Straws/ tans have been very popular for years but greys are on the scene now in a big way. It may even be helpful to identify colors that you have seen in other places that you liked and make a mental note.

Colors YOU Like

Often,you can look at the clothing you wear to get a sense of what you like. I even like to look through the decorator magazines as I wait in the grocery check out line. Seeing a look fully put together helps to get a great vision! If we are painting your bedroom, seeing bedding is great! A duvet cover or even a sham or bedskirt gives us an idea of best direction to go. If you are having anything new installed, i.e. carpet, have a sample.

The more you can paint the picture of what you already have done, the better!

Trending Colors – Advantages
Because our color consults are interior designers as well, not only do they understand paint but also fabrics, furniture and accessories.

They also are knowledgeable about highly trending looks and what is out there to buy to go with your freshly painted, beautiful new room. Some color choices lend themselves more readily to what stores like Pottery Barn, Homegoods and Pier One are featuring.

Feel free to ask your consultant anything regarding design, color, furniture, etc. There are never any stupid questions and they are delighted to help in any way they can to make this a great experience for you!

Susan Newcomer
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Beautiful Home

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