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Commercial School Painting Services

CertaPro Painters® of Broward County offers expert commercial painting services for schools and educational facilities of all kinds. Our local Florida paint crews bring timely, courteous interior and exterior painting services to auditoriums, classrooms, hallways, science and technology labs, offices, kitchen facilities and more. We’re focused on completing our work efficiently, with quality results that last.

Our Local School Painters

As a hub of learning and education, Broward County takes immense pride in its schools and educational institutions. We understand the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to learning, inspiring creativity, and promoting a sense of pride within the community. Our painting company specializes in serving the unique needs of schools and educational facilities in Broward County, providing top-notch painting services that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

With a deep understanding of the local education landscape, we recognize the diverse range of school settings present in Broward County. From modern campuses in bustling urban areas to charming schools nestled in suburban communities, each institution has its own character and requirements. Our experienced team of painters is well-versed in working within educational environments, prioritizing safety, minimal disruption to daily operations, and adherence to strict project timelines. We take pride in transforming classrooms, libraries, hallways, and other spaces into vibrant, engaging environments that inspire students, teachers, and staff alike.

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Professional Painters for Schools & Universities

Most school painting projects take place during summer or spring breaks, but it is possible to complete projects during the year while still minimizing disruption to classes and on campus programs. Most commonly we help with interior and exterior painting projects for schools where the on-site maintenance crew may not have the equipment or expertise needed to get the job done safely and efficiently. With CertaPro Painters® of Broward County you can be confident your painting project will be done well, crews will be on time, and a high level of communication will be maintained throughout the project.

  • Interior & Exterior Painting for School Buildings
  • Floor coatings for hallways, common areas, and concrete floors
  • Painting projects for high ceilings and difficult to reach areas
  • Drywall and surface repairs for damaged interior and exterior surfaces
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Professional painting services for educational facilities

For more than 25 years, school administrators and building managers have called on CertaPro Painters to restore and maintain the appearance of schools and other educational facilities. Our off-hour flexibility, including evening, night and weekend hours, along with the close coordination we maintain with facilities managers throughout every project, sets us apart. All CertaPro Painters painting technicians are trained in applying high-durability surface treatments and experienced with low- and no-VOC paints, as well as the use of special equipment including scaffolds and scissor lifts, when needed. When you hire CertaPro Painters, you can expect safe, courteous painting practices from a fully licensed and insured team.