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Professional Color Consultations For Your Home

When you work with CertaPro Painters® of Boca Raton, a professional color consultant is available to you. The experts at CertaPro understand that every home and client is different, and will work with you to pick a shade that you will love for years to come.

Living Room Painting Boca Raton, FL

Build Color Flow

Think how the colors of neighboring rooms will flow together. Very dark to very light transitions, or transitions from rooms with highly contrasting colors can either be jarring or invigorating.

Interior trim ideas

Make Trim Standout

Keeping the trim all one color provides continuity as you move from room to room. Stark white in a semi- or full-gloss creates a very formal look.

gray ceiling and white walls painted

Define the Room's Mood

Decide what mood you want for the room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviting. Cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces.

residential interior professional Foyer Painter

Define Your Entry

Define the entry. Use interior paint color as a "Welcome" sign to your home.

house with painted beige exterior

Exterior Color Ideas

Drive through various neighborhoods and take note of appealing exterior paint color schemes that you might want for your own home.

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What Does a Color Consultant Do?

A color consultant is a professional who can advise the best colors to meet your design goals. Our CertaPro Painters® of Boca Raton, FL, consultant will come to your home and advise you based on your personal style and home’s unique needs.

They come to you with a full paint deck so you know all of your options. You’ll receive sample cards for your top choices so you can consider the best options.

paint color consultationPaint Color Consultation Tips and Examples

Painting is more than simply just choosing a wall color. Colors have the power to change the overall look and feel of your home. Some other important things to consider when choosing a color include:

  • Which pieces of furniture to keep and which to replace.
  • What kind of window treatments will look best.
  • What accessories will best enhance the décor.

In order for these questions to be answered, the right shade for each room and hallway should be selected. A mistake at this stage can be costly and time consuming. That is why a professional consultant can help you decide the best route to take in your painting project.

There’s a wide range of projects that a consultant can help with, such as:

  • Whole house interior: In this case, a color consultant can help you with a unique color palette to suit your home. Typically, your consultant will help you choose a comfortable neutral color to run through the “vein” of the house. This will give the other coordinating shades and colors a more cohesive feel.
  • A different color for every room: Sometimes homeowners want each of their rooms to have a completely different ambiance. A color consultant can help, especially if you have a tight budget.
  • Darkness and light: A dark color can be bold and beautiful, if done correctly. However, it can be difficult choosing a dark shade that is not too overpowering. There are many factors to consider, such as the room’s natural light, amount of wall space, furniture and if there is any millwork which can be brightened to enhance the room.

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