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Interior Painting Projects for The Winter Season in Atlanta

Posted on November 22, 2021

interior painter certaproInterior Painting Projects for The Winter Season in Atlanta

Atlanta’s mild winters do allow for some exterior projects to be done, but the cold nights can have negative effects on paints as the dry and cure. In general, most customers of ours are focusing on interior painting projects between December and February in our region of Georgia. Interior projects can be done year round, and see no negative effects from nights dipping below freezing. This article covers some of our most common types of interior projects done in the ‘off-season’ for painters in the area.

Interior Rooms & Accent Walls

If you have been considering an interior color change, or adding an accent wall to a room, its a great time to get the project done. One of the simplest ways to add character to your interior rooms is with an accent wall. If you are unsure of what colors to pick, we can help with recommendations and samples

Have Your Interior Brick Painted

It’s been popular to paint the face of brick in the last few years. Here in Atlanta there are some homes with interior brick walls, brick fireplaces, or other brick structure featured on the interior of the home. An easy way to transform the look of these surfaces is to paint the face of the brick. Interior painted brick tends to be either on the light or dark side of the spectrum (white / gray), but any color can work depending on the space. Painting brick is a (mostly) permanent change, it will be extremely difficult to fully remove the painted surface, so its important to be sure this is the direction you want to go.

Update The Color Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

masking trim along wall for painting

Outdated or out of style kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen feel old and out of date, even when the equipment and walls are modern. If you have quality cabinetry, made from good materials, it makes more sense in most cases to update them by refinishing or painting them than to fully replace the cabinetry. Kitchen cabinet projects can be involved and is generally best left to a professional team. This year the most popular cabinet painting colors in our market (Atlanta / Decatur) have been white, gray, and sage green.

Fix Fading Paint & Outdated Trim

An area that often needs more frequent attention and painting is the baseboard trim in on the interior of a home. Out of trend colors for items like door trim and crown molding can also have a negative impact on the aesthetic of the home. The winter season is a great time for touching up interior details like these.

Paint Guest Bed Rooms

It’s fairly common for homeowners on a budget to skip over guest bedrooms when doing painting or other interior projects. Over time the guest bedrooms start to look a step down from the rest of the home. If your home’s guest bedrooms have been neglected, or look more faded / older than the other rooms in the home, its a good time to have them updated with an interior painting project. With the possibility of house guests staying in the rooms over the holiday break, its a good time to give some attention to the guest rooms in the home.


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