Painting for Brick Homes in Atlanta & Decatur, GA

For homeowners who want to have the bricks on their home painted.

painted brick home
There are many brick exterior homes in our service area of the greater Atlanta, GA market. In the past few years its become increasingly popular to paint the face of brick on brick homes. Painted brick offers an affordable way to dramatically transform the exterior of your home, and gives the home an added layer of protection from the sun and weather.

Painting brick has some pros and cons, its important to understand that once painted, it is very difficult and sometimes not possible to remove the paint entirely and go back to the original look of the home.

Before going about painting brick, its important to make sure no moisture can get trapped between the brick and the paint. If water can form between the two damage will likely occur over time and the paint can peel or fail.

Painted brick homes will also likely need to be washed more frequently than a natural brick home. Dust and dirt will show more on a painted surface.  After painting a brick home you should expect to need to power wash the house about once every 1-2 years as part of maintaining the painted surface.

On the plus side, painting brick can dramatically brighten up a property and improve the curb appeal. The paint also adds an extra layer of protection. Paint acts as a sealant to protect from rain, sun, and bugs.

Popular choices for painted brick in Atlanta include: White and Gray

For homeowners looking to keep natural brick, and paint the trim

brick house with painted trim

While brick on the interior or exterior of your home can feel like a burden, working with it is actually quite easy. Don’t feel like you cannot use color in combination with the variances between the bricks. Working within the reds, browns and grays to create a color palette feels overwhelming, but with the help of our color consultants, we have curated a list of paint colors that go with brick.

These colors work really well with both bright, new bricks and older, toned down ones. They can be worked into a color scheme indoors and outside. These colors allow you to choose something besides white that pairs well with the colors of your home while adding in a change.

Choose or Identify Brick Colors

Before you can move forward with a color choice, you first must identify the brick colors you are working with. Look for the main tone you’ve got showing through. This will allow you to choose undertones appropriately to get the look you want. Are your bricks new and bright red? Or have they been on the outside of your house, exposed to elements and UV rays that dull them?

Red Brick

Surely, even if your bricks are new and vibrant, you’re still going to be dealing with varying tones. If the overall color feels like red, work within that color palette to create your color plan. Here are ideas to get started.

Orange and Red Bricks painted shutters and doors

Because these colors can cause a feeling of frenzy, use a neutral wall to reign the color in some. Opt for a warm gray or tan to reign the color in. A neutral wall doesn’t mean a boring room. Add some pops of color with navy, sage, mint or turquoise. For outside, add flowers and pottery. Inside use throws and art. Counter the bright colors with black and white incorporated into the look.

Dark Red Brick

When bricks are so dark red the veer almost purple, you’re dealing with a vibrant and jewel tone color. Add gray or tan on the walls. Leaning toward less vivid hues gives the eyes a break between the darker colors. Finish the room or exterior with natural yellows, greens, beige or wooden brown.

Brown Brickhouse with brown bricks

When the color leaches from brick, oftentimes it looks more brown. This is much easier to work with since it’s a more muted, natural tone. Brown bricks can vary greatly in the saturation of color they present. No matter the deepness of color, avoid using gray or blue options. Using similar colors on the wall works really well, especially if you choose a variance that is far from the bricks. For example, if your bricks are on the lighter brown side, opt for a deep mocha. For brighter brown bricks, try a light leather. Use pops of color to add an accent. Work with cream for a no fail option on brown bricks. It will walk the line of crisp and clean while feeling warm and inviting. Bring in dusty blue, mustard yellow or pale green to give the colors some style.

Gray or Tan Brick

Bricks that started as gray or tan quickly lose their luster. Working with these colors is easy since their barely there color is neutral in nature. Choosing almost any color works well. Avoid undertones that clash with the color. Choosing a cool blue will drag down the warm beiges and vice versa.

Choosing a Color

If you’re still having trouble landing on a color to pair with your bricks, talk to our color consultants. CertaPro Painters offers consultation with our painting projects. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with our team today to discuss your painting project.