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When we meet with customers for an estimate appointment, we hear many of the same concerns over and over. Scheduling, repairs, and other themes are common. Here are the ways we can help you with your painting project.


Time Pressure

Whether you have family visiting, are putting your home on the market or are expecting a furniture delivery, we work with your schedule. Painting oftentimes is one piece of a larger plan. Our team works with you to ease scheduling concerns and achieve your look in the time frame alotted.


Heights & Tricky Angles

Reaching the tops of large staircases and squeezing behind permanent fixtures can be tricky without the proper tools. Our pros have encountered these situations before and we arrive with a tool for every situation.

Pending Sales

Realtors quite often recommend a fresh coating of paint before a home is listed on the market. Doing this can net big offers at the closing table. If you are considering a home sale, get started now with home painting.

house sale

Light Carpentry

We have the capabilities to complete light carpentry repairs with the same crew that paints your home. If you need to fix or replace siding, corner boards, and trim from pesky birds, rotting wood, and general water damage, we are happy to include those repairs with our work.


Outdated Looks

Homes used to include textured ceilings and wallpaper as the en vogue look. Times have changed. If it's time for a modern look, we can demo these areas and paint to beautify the rooms.


Protect Your Asset

Paint is more than a beautification for your home. The coating protects your home from the elements and pests for 10+ years, or more. This is the typical lifespan of a New England painted home if proper preparation is performed and high quality paint is used.

Color Change

Some customers are in the market for paint simply because they are ready for a change. Using a new color palette can show your personality on the house and increase the overall beautification.

Licensed & Insured

CertaPro Painters of Andover carries all necessary licensing and insurance policies to protect our crews and your property. We are a no nonsense, professional team who has all their bases covered.