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CertaPro Painters® Of Andover, MA Provides Professional Color Consulting

Here at CertaPro Painters® of Andover, we understand the color selection process can be really daunting. We know these four elements can play a BIG role in your decision:

Perception of color

People perceive colors differently, so what one person sees as "gray" may look like "blue" to someone else. Agreeing on a color for a room or a home can be challenging, especially if multiple people are involved in the decision-making process.


Lighting can significantly affect the way a color appears to the naked eye. Natural light, artificial light, and even the time of day can all impact how a color looks on your walls. Therefore, choosing a color that always appears how you expect it to can be challenging.

Psychological Impact

Colors can have a psychological impact on people. It can be useful to consider the function of the room and what emotions you want to evoke. Some colors can be calming, while others can be energizing.

Fear of Commitment

Painting a room is a big step, and some people are afraid of making the wrong choice. It's important to keep in mind that it is only paint, and it can be altered time and time again.

The Color Selection Process

To make the process of choosing a paint color easier, we are here to help! We offer THREE terrific solutions to your painting dilemma.


✓Option #1 – Upload your own photo to visualize colors instantly.
The “My PaintColors” visualizer tool allows you to preview how your selected color palettes would look in your home without the need for a paintbrush. Click to visualize your paint colors in your home! 

✓Option #2 – A virtual 60-minute color consultation with a color expert.
If you have narrowed down your color options but cannot commit to just one, our experts can assist you in making a final decision. They can give you additional guidance and insights on which colors to avoid based on the environment you want to paint.

✓Option #3 – Choose to upgrade to an in-person option for the spring sales event at an additional cost. Enjoy a 1-hour color consultation with our expert consultants.
The consultation process starts with a phone call to discuss the project. Next, our color expert will come to your house and bring many several samples for you to choose from. Both of our color consultants have a passion for styling interiors and creating spaces in a way that reflects homeowners’ lives. Find out more about our two consultants below:

Jessica Puleo

Color Consultant

Claudette Rowley

Color Consultant

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