5 Useful Hacks For Exterior House Painting In Summer

The summer sun has us all running outdoors for time in the fresh air. Take advantage of the longer days and drier weather to take on a new project outside your home. Consider painting part, if not your whole exterior of your house. Some touched up trim or new shutter color will make your house look refreshed, or go for the gold and paint the whole house! Here are 5 useful hacks for exterior house painting in summer.

Avoid Poor Conditions

Because the temperatures are warmer, your paint will dry faster. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Paint that dries too quickly is hard to put on and can cause failure in the paint because of the dry time. You could be looking at cracking, peeling and bubbling in a short time. Avoid this by painting when the temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also avoid painting in direct sunlight. Work in the shade as it moves around your project. This will keep you out of the heat, as well as your paint.

Watch the Humidity

Water is the enemy of a new paint job, so humidity hanging in the air is not ideal for painting. Humid conditions can cause the paint to have trouble adhering to the surface, resulting in ugly cracking and peeling. High humidity is considered over 50%, the ideal level for work. If it gets much higher you risk the curing going south on your new color.

Clean and Dry

One of the worst things you can do is paint on a dirty or wet surface. Either will ensure you will have paint failure and be looking at repainting very soon. You should do a thorough inspection of your house and look for any mold, mildew or repairs necessary. Either way, get a power washer and use a diluted bleach solution to clean everything off. Be careful if your house is wooden, some settings of power washers can be too powerful and damage the wood. Give your house a rinse down and allow it plenty of sunny days to dry out.

Be Shady

The sun is hot. Avoid painting in direct sunlight by following the shade around your house. By staying in the shade, you keep both you, and your new paint out of direct heat. This will decrease the temperature by about 15 degrees, depending on your region.

Complement the Landscape

Choosing colors for the exterior of your home is somewhat easier during the lush summer months. You can take into account all of your flowers and trees surrounding your home when you choose. It can be harder during the desolate fall and winter months to get inspired. There’s no better time to choose a color that works with all of the hues on your property.


Need a hand?

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