The 5 Best Free Paint Apps

Posted on November 26, 2019

Painting jobs are no longer analog. A quick search of iTunes and the Play Store shows that there are oodles of options available for painting. Test potential colors on snapshots of your room through an app. Paint chips and tester boards are quickly going the way of the typewriter and hand whisk. Here are the 5 best free paint apps according to the pros at Certa Pro Painters.

We used a standard set of criteria against each of the apps tested. To begin with, they must be free, allow you to upload an image of your room and test the color on it. Then, each app was usable on computer, iOs and Android. Finally, we made notes that some of them went above and beyond these requirements.

Glidden ColorAPP

This app is a great option to test colors including shadows and lighting in the uploaded image. Once you’ve chosen a color you’re happy with, you can share the image via social media or email. You have the ability to download the image you created, but it doesn’t include any color or finish information. There is an additional desktop version of the app, but it will not communicate with the phone version.

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

If you’re happier working on a keyboard, this is the app for you. The phone versions of it are somewhat hard to work with. Upload your image and you’ll be able to add colors for a real looking outcome with shadows and lighting. Many uses say the program is missing some functionality in editing options, while what was there is clunky and difficult to work with. It does require a free log in to save your work. The one drawback is you can only change one color at a time. If you are looking to test walls and trim at the same time, you’ll be disappointed.

Olympic Paint Visualizer

The paint visualizer from Olympic offers a good computer based program to test their paint colors. There is no required log in, and you get quite a few editing abilities. You can easily download, share and email the options. The exports are integrated nicely with Pinterest for easy pinning with full color information included. Users said the programming handled breaks in walls, like windows or furniture, was fairly efficient. The downloads left a bit to be desired with lines showing up.

Paint Tester

Paint Tester has the distinction that it is not affiliated with any particular brand. It’s available on all phones and imports colors from many big manufacturers giving you endless options. Logging in is not required. The app handles updating colors with your finger and gives good results. Use bright lighting to take your image and you’ll be able to easily see the colors.

Home Depot Project Color

This app boasts the best use of light. Use images taken on your phone to make digital versions of your rooms. After you pick the colors you like for the walls, you can adjust the lighting to mimic particular times of day. The export has a wide range of uses, including download, email or social media. With a free registration, you can export and order the color and finish from your local Home Depot.

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