8 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas

Posted on May 6, 2019

Give your kitchen a facelift for much less cost by taking a paint brush to existing kitchen cabinets. We have put together a list of 10 kitchen cabinet painting ideas to transform your room from top to bottom.

If you decide to take on this project yourself, keep in mind that it is a big project. You will have to plan for more than one day with a kitchen that is ripped apart. Cabinets will need to be emptied, taped and doors removed. All of the surfaces need to have hardware removed or taped, cleaned thoroughly and allowed plenty of time to dry.

Consider Milk Paint

Milk paint is suggested for beginner do it yourselfers. It allows for errors and will not show brush strokes and other imperfections. A wide variety of colors and the low luster makes it perfect for kitchen cabinets.

Looking for more traditional options? Here are the latest trends to take on with your kitchen cabinet painting project.

Ombre cabinets

Ombre cabinets utilize both a matching color scheme and optical illusion to make an updated and bright kitchen. Use the same color in a darker and lighter shade. By putting the lighter color toward a white ceiling you’ll achieve the all-too-trendy ombre look. It also draws eyes upward while giving the perception of the ceiling being higher. It’s an instant vaulted ceiling.

Barn Red with Sage Green

These complementary colors create a down on the farm comfortable feeling kitchen. Make sure to keep it from going christmasy by choosing softer and more earthy variations of the colors. Wood finishes to the furniture, an island or floor complete the look with natural tones.

Leaf Green and White

Long gone are the days of the avocado appliances in the kitchen. If you are still set on green, try a natural leafy green paired with stark white. Use homey touches to create the feeling of comfort and warmth.

Matching Shades

In similar fashion with ombre, bring in the same color in varying degrees of saturation. This time choose to put the lighter color on the cabinets, and match it with the doors in a darker shade. Use even lighter to paint handles or go for white paired with a solid color countertop. It’s a magazine-worth color scheme that takes very little skill to pull off.

Black and Red

Feeling dramatic? Without a doubt, show it in your kitchen. Match equally-intense color of black and red for a balanced and bright kitchen. Bring in some light black splashes and appliances to avoid overwhelming the eyes.

Orange and Gray

Is it gray? Is it blue? This color varies in how the eye perceives it. No matter blue or gray it pairs perfectly with a bright orange. Create an appetizing and appealing kitchen by combining the two. They will look equally as great with natural wood or neutral furniture and appliances.

Baby Green and Yellow

Create an updated farmhouse look by using pale, baby version of green and yellow. The combination is sunny and bright. When paired with a deep counter or natural table, you’ll complete a warm room for sharing meals.