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CertaPro Painters® of Willamette is the ideal painting service for Homeowners Associations considering new or restorative coatings for residential properties. Our qualified painting technicians are experienced in working alongside HOAs. Our team provides excellent results that protect property values and enhance overall quality of living. We also offer a wide variety of residential painting services and can fix any issue that may be hiding under your current paint job. Whether working with HOA board members, a management company, property owners, or are a homeowner yourself, we’ll create a plan and performance benchmarks that work for everyone. We also ensure minimal disruption to house loads and the surrounding community.

If you are interested in painting for HOAs, whether you are a resident or a board member, contact CertaPro Painters® of Willamette. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will stay on schedule and on budget throughout your project. Call our experts at 971-202-8065 or fill out our free, no-obligation form to get a free estimate!

Painting for HOAs: What You Need to Know

If you live in a homeowner’s association in Willamette, Oregon,  it is important that your house is painted correctly. The colors you chose need to be approved by the association. You’ll also need to make sure the painting is done correctly. This ensures that the paint doesn’t begin peeling and chipping shortly after the project is completed. Your homeowner’s association will need to give you approval if you are planning on painting your house. While each HOA has different guidelines, it is important to follow the guidelines set out.

Painting for HOAs: The Basicsman painting green wall

The most important thing to remember is that no HOA is the same as the next. This article will give our professional advice, but it is always important to review your own HOA’s guidelines about painting.

To finish your painting job with the smallest headache possible, reach out to your HOA property manager or board before starting the job. You’ll most likely want to do this in addition to reading the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, which you signed when joining the HOA. These two steps will inform you of any limitations, such as paint color, paint quality or brand, maintenance requirements, or what times of day are permissible.

The Importance of HOA Paint Guidelines

We cannot stress enough how important it is to reach out to your HOA manager or board before painting your house. Failure to do so can result in great inconvenience for you. Best case scenario, your HOA will be greatly irritated by you. Worst case scenario, you’ll receive a fine and be responsible for the costs of redoing the painting job on their deadline. In the most extreme of cases, you may even face the possibility of losing your house.

These guidelines are put in place by the HOA to keep the value of the neighborhood up. Because of this, you’ll want to let your painting crew know about the guidelines for your HOA. That’s where we come in.

If you have any questions about painting your HOA Property call us at 971-202-8065 and we can help! You can also click here to check out this Sherwin William’s link which can be helpful when trying to figure out which colors were used for your property.

HOA Painting Services

Our range of HOA painting services include:

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