10 November 2022

Interior Winter Color Schemes to Warm up Winter

One of the toughest parts of interior painting is choosing the right color for your home. Interior painting for the holidays is a great time to choose these colors, however, because you’re in the mood to be at home and cozy! The colors you are drawn to at this time usually bring you the mostRead the full article

26 October 2022

How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Home

Choosing the perfect paint colors for your home can be a difficult task. The color of the walls in your home sets the tone and mood for years to come. You want to make sure you are happy with the color and conveys your style in the best way possible. Choosing a paint color canRead the full article

28 September 2022

Why CertaPro Painters® of Willamette?

It is a big decision to paint your home. There is a lot of work and even more decisions that go into the painting process. For new homeowners or for those that haven’t gone through this process multiple times, the prospect can seem overwhelming. However, the right interior painting company can make the journey infinitelyRead the full article

31 August 2022

Colors for Increasing Productivity: Office Colors for Willamette

Creating a space for you to be productive is the key to a happy working at home life in Tigard, Oregon. You may not have put much thought into your home office, but now is the time to give yourself the office of your dreams! Paint is the easiest way to create a sense ofRead the full article

28 July 2022

Front Door Painting: Colors that Welcome

Have you been racking your brain for the perfect way to upgrade the exterior of your home? One place that most people forget to refresh with a fresh coat of paint is their front door. The entrance of your home should not be left without routine painting maintenance. It is what greets your guests asRead the full article

29 June 2022

Painting for HOAs: What You Need to Know

If you live in a homeowner’s association in Willamette, Oregon,  it is important that your house is painted correctly. The colors you chose need to be approved by the association. You’ll also need to make sure the painting is done correctly. This ensures that the paint doesn’t begin peeling and chipping shortly after the projectRead the full article

26 May 2022

Should I Paint My Brick Exterior: The Pros Advice

If your Oregon home has a brick exterior, you might think there is little to do to update it. While it’s a timeless and earthy architectural element, it can date a home and cause it to feel old. Whether it’s a chimney or your entire exterior, you are only limited by your imagination. Stains andRead the full article

25 April 2022

5 Best Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Painting a home is a big investment. With the Spring and Summer months of 2022 just around the corner, the perfect window of opportunity to paint your home exterior is starting to crack open. One of the hardest things about painting your home is deciding which paint color would look best on your walls. OurRead the full article

22 March 2022

How to Prepare for Exterior Painting Service

Although it might not feel like it yet, the warm weather will be here before we know it! This means getting our house back into tip-top shape. Ah yes, spring cleaning! There is something about the start of the spring when it just starts getting warm that gives us an extra burst of energy andRead the full article

17 February 2022

3 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

It’s no surprise that the things we surround ourselves with affect our moods. So, it makes sense that the paint colors you choose to put on your walls can inhibit or enhance your mood. That is why it is so important we choose the colors of our bedrooms so carefully. Sleep allows your body toRead the full article