Paint Projects to Transform your Home

Paint projects can easily intimidate even the most adept home improvement DIYer. Tools, time, mistakes, it’s very overwhelming. Don’t be scared. Get a new look in your home with these 10 paint projects from our painters Tigard!


blue dresser

Old furniture gets a new life when you add a new coat of paint to it. Extra credit goes to our brave DIYers that go for a bold color. Try taking an outdated or scuffed up bookcase or hutch and add a bright black paint to it. Interior shelves with a pop of blue, red or yellow set off what would be a mundane piece. This creates an unexpected color and style all yours.


Ceilings are often overlooked as a 5th area for paint in your room. You wouldn’t finish a room without taking the floor into account. A plain white ceiling is just that, plain and white. Try experimenting with a subtle blue or barely there yellow for an additional color in an unexpected place. Dining rooms and offices are a great area to try these colors. Add decorative molding to separate ceilings and walls at their joins, plus add sophistication.


Chalkboard paint is fun and interactive, especially where it’s unexpected. Add chalkboard to the face of a cabinet for grocery lists, or try it on furniture so you can decorate it with your mood. As of late, chalkboard paint has been released in a variety of colors.


Doors are the first impression of your home, to visitors, neighbors and family. Use this space to give those coming in a taste of your home style. Match your door to trim or surrounding flowers and accessories. Have a gray birdbath, match it in. Purple petunias, add it to your door.


Nearly every homeowner admits they could use more storage. Get an old dresser from a thrift store or garage sale and dress it up. Add a new color to it, or get really creative and put a pattern or graphic on it. It will add style and storage to any room in your home.

Accent Wall

accent wall

A bland beige room is the perfect space to dip your toe into the shallow end of the color pool. Commit to a bold or contrasting color for an accent wall. Really dress it up with a stencil or pattern. This is a small project with a big impact.

Go Small

With a tiny half bath, there’s no reason to try to make the room feel bigger. We all know it’s a broom closet size. Get creative in this room and show a dramatic or silly side with your color choice. Dark, vivid, bold, they all work here. Add a fancy mirror and a matched piece of art and your new, albeit tiny, room is complete.



Step it up in your dining room with a colorful chandelier. Get a cheap one with good bones second hand. Sand it down and add a bold color to coordinate with your room. Try dramatic stark black. This will make your room feel luxurious and rich with a simple project and an afternoon’s work.


Take any tired mirrors or vintage frames from the wall and give them a paint makeover. Create a gallery with several sizes of frames in different styles. Just match the color to make the gallery tie together. This can be used to add color to apartment walls where you have little control of the wall paint.

Hanging Around

painted frames

Pull the old mirror or vintage frame off the wall and give it a painted makeover. A fresh coat of paint with some brush techniques can coordinate your wall piece with the room. Go glossy for a reflective sheen. This can be utilized in apartment living too, where you have little control over the wall colors.


Cabinets can quickly age a kitchen or bathroom. Most homeowners assume little can be done to update them without a big renovation and corresponding bill. Take the cabinet doors off, and give them new paint. Add some updated hardware and your room will feel brand new.

Make your home your haven with these 10 paint projects to transform your home. Your house will be the envy of family and friends. Each is easy so why not start with a few! Want a bigger change? Schedule a free, in-home estimate today.