Color Resource Guide

Everything in one place to inspire YOUR house paint color ideas in Willamette!

In Willamette, everyone chooses colors in their own way. Therefore, we’ve assembled all the information you need to navigate your own path. Whether you already have firm color ideas, need inspiration from examples and palettes, want to work with a professional color consultant, or simply desire house painting color tips, Certa Pro Painters® of Willamette color resources make the color selection process simple and stress free.

Experience the Certa Pro Painters® Difference with your Willamette team.

Discover House Painting Color Ideas

3 cool tools & our own Launch My Paint Colors Visualizer provide thousands of ideas!

Sherwin Williams’ color Visualizer
Drag-and-drop Sherwin Williams colors onto a photo of your interior space or the exterior of your home!

ColorSnap App for your Mobile Device
Found a color you like on a piece of fabric or somewhere in nature? Then use this app allows you to find that specific color in the Sherwin Williams color deck!

Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer
This app also allows you to play with different color combinations on pre-loaded room images using Ben Moore’s award winning color palette!

Paint Color Visualizer

Work With Our Color Consultant

One-on-One professional help for fail-safe color choices! 

Because our color consultant uses color psychology, current trends, and your own vision to create a specific palette, your painting project will be perfectly tailored to you. Therefore we offer this premium service to all of our customers. So are you ready to get started?

Taste a Sample of Great Color Palettes

4 palettes to give you inspiration!

Finally, the four palettes below, from Sherwin Williams, are just a sample of what is available. We work with all the major vendors, each with their own extensive palette, and we can also match any existing color you may have!

CertaPro Painters Palette:

Color Palette

Fashion Palette:

Fashion Palette

Classic Palette:

Classic Palette

Fad Palette:

Fad Color Palette