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How much does it cost to paint the interior of my home?

Painting the inside of your home is more than just slapping paint on the walls. It takes skill, attention to detail and a crew of qualified professional painters.

Every room in your home is different and will therefore have different needs and challenges to reach your desired outcome.

Here are some areas to consider that will affect the cost of the project:

1) The height of the walls. An 8′ high bedroom ceiling is much easier to paint than an 18′ high ceiling in a foyer or living room.
2) The surfaces being painted. Will you be painting the trim, walls, ceiling, doors, and crowning molding? What kind of doors do you have? In general, the more surfaces you include the higher the cost
3) The colors being painted and the colors being painted over. Your colors will determine how many coats of paint are needed to reach your desired outcome.
4) The condition of the surfaces being painted. If the surfaces are in rough shape then more time will be needed to prepare them for the paint.

These are just some of the factors that contribute to the price of painting the interior of your home. Below you will find some examples of some common sized rooms. All wall prices are based on 2 coats of paint and all ceilings, trim surfaces and doors are based on a 1 coat refresh of a solid mid-grade paint from recognized paint companies. The prices below are based on painting the walls and then adding other surfaces. The price includes standard prep for each surface being painted. Prices may vary based on total rooms and surfaces being done during the project.

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Standard Bathroom


Walls*200-300 Sq Ft$325.00
Ceilings30-50 Sq Ft$75.00
Baseboards15-25 Ln Ft$100.00
Door and Door Frame per SidePer Side$50.00
small bathroom

Standard Bedroom


Walls*350-400 Sq Ft$400.00
Ceilings100-200 Sq Ft$110.00
Baseboards40-60 Ln Ft$250.00
Door and Door Frame per SidePer Side$50.00
small bedroom

Large Living Room


Walls*650-750 Sq Ft$500
Ceilings400-500 Sq Ft$150
Baseboards75-100 Ln Ft$300
Door and Door Frame per SidePer Side$50.00
large living room painting costs

* All wall surfaces are based on 8′ high ceilings. If you have…
10′ high ceilings add 25%
12′ high ceilings add 50%
15′ high ceilings add 75%