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Abrasive blasting gives your home or business a fresh new look by combining surfacing cleaning and finishing. Over time, dirt, mold, soot, and debris build up on your home or business’ siding. Remove that muck with a professional abrasive blasting from CertaPro Painters® of Waterloo, ON. Once your building is blasted, your finishing coat will go on smoother and cleaner.

What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is sometimes referred to as sandblasting. It uses pressurized air or water to propel abrasive media, like Crushed glass, garnet, and Soda (sodium bicarbonate), against a surface to remove old paint, stain, corrosion, or contaminants. The process results in a smoother, cleaner surface.

How to Determine What Kind of Abrasive Blasting You Need  

If you want to remove old paint or stain or prep your home or commercial facility for a new coat of paint or renovations, the abrasive blasting professionals in Waterloo can get the job done safely and efficiently. Depending on the project’s location and situation, there are two different ways to approach a project that needs prepping.

Why Choose CertaPro Painters® of Waterloo 

Our team uses high-quality, up to date equipment, machinery, and personal protective gear to complete your project without interruptions. All of our operators and blasting technicians have training and experience to get the job done on time and professionally. Follow your abrasive blasting with a professional interior or exterior painting project from CertaPro Painters® of Waterloo.

Learn how our abrasive blasting services can clean up your home or business and get it ready for a fresh coat of paint. Contact CertaPro Painters® of Waterloo today to schedule your free estimate!

Here are the two options and their applications

Vapour Blasting:

Vapour blasting works by mixing water and abrasive together instead of just the abrasive. By introducing water to the blasting procedure, the ‘dust’ particles created from the abrasive hitting the surface are weighed down and kept on the ground instead of in the open air.

This service is beneficial in areas where a large amount of dust is undesirable. For example, you would want to choose vapour blasting if you’re removing paint from bricks or wood inside a building or outside in a public area where dust can create problems.

Dry Abrasive Blasting:

The traditional way of blasting is the dry abrasive method. Dry abrasive blasting is often more convenient and applicable since you can get it coated immediately after blasting. Keep in mind; dry abrasive blasting can also save time because the cleanup is typically quicker than the other method.

We work on a variety of surfaces, including brick, wood, and steel. Contact us about your project to see which service best fits your needs.





Blasting Services in Progress

Blasting Services in Progress

Before - After Comparison

Before - After Comparison