Protect your Concrete

At CertaPro Painters of Virginia Peninsula, we offer concrete staining services to protect both your concrete. The Virginia Peninsula consists of a variety of communities. From military bases to beachfront properties, historic sites, and family homes, there is a lot to see and do in southern Virginia. Residential and commercial properties can elevate their presence by applying concrete staining and epoxy finishes on their flooring. Not only do these methods upgrade the look of the floors, but they protect them as well.

When you stain concrete, it adds a permanent color to the surface. The process creates a tight bond, so you won’t have to worry about peeling or chipping. Epoxy provides a clear, durable, stain-resistant finish. It protects the surface and is also water-resistant. Both methods work well in areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.

We can also provide garage floor coatings that protect the surface.

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