Professionalism +

Harvey H. | , ' '
May 15, 2023

The sales guy was very good ! I just haven’t decided what path I’m going to take yet! Thanks !

Steve B. | Vancouver, BC
May 13, 2023

Very thorough and well thought out. Everything was explained clearly and Mike left making sure I had no questions.

Janelle C. | Vancouver, BC
May 8, 2023

Not at this moment. Tied up.

George I. | Vancouver, BC
May 7, 2023

Adrian was the painter who worked on my house. He was polite, and kept me informed when the weather didn't cooperate so he could work. He prepped the areas well, washed and cleaned up the paint chips thoroughly. The painting was done neatly with all the areas protected from splashes and drips. Even in the more difficult areas such as painting the stair risers, he was meticulous and managed to get down to all the little near hidden bits. The areas he did look exactly like the rest of the house. There is no sense of patching or of different paint colours. The windows were thoroughly caulked so there will be no chance of water getting in. Two good coats everywhere. And, he carefully avoided a bird nest built into a vine beside his work area. The birds are still chirping in their hidden nest. Thank you, Adrian.

Donalda R. | Vancouver, BC
April 28, 2023

Easy to call and quick in scheduling

Carmela E. | Vancouver, BC
April 22, 2023

Was done well and quick and price was reasonable

Shannon C. | Port Moody, BC
March 29, 2023

Very professional. Friendly and had good advice

Krista M. | Vancouver, BC
March 18, 2023

Polite, responsive, clear.

Rosemarie R. | Vancouver, BC
March 13, 2023

Mike is informative and kind and listened

Shannon C. | Port Moody, BC
March 10, 2023