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Exterior Wood Siding Painting

Wood Siding has been a favorite, popular choice for siding options for houses for many years due to its durability and beautiful finish it brings to homes. However, even with these pros, wood siding has become one of the most expensive sidings compared to the other siding alternatives, due to the demand and short supply.  Wood siding also requires regular maintenance and repainting or restaining to keep the wood from rottening over time. Wood siding, typically, needs to be maintained with a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 10 years to combat weather elements and insects from penetrating the wood and weakening the exterior. As long as you keep up with maintanence, your wood siding can stay resilient for years to come.

If you notice your wood siding home needing an update and hasn’t been painted for awhile, contact CertaPro Painters® of Tysons, VA to repaint your exterior wood siding on your home. Hiring a painting contractor to keep your home updated can help keep the wood on your home from rotting. Once the wood on your homes starts to rot there is no treating it back to it’s original state and will need to replaced, which can be more expensive than painting the wood siding.

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Great crew. Awesome work. Attention to detail Oh. Gary and Madison were good to work with on the front end as well!!!

- Jeff S. | Herndon, VA

Jeff S. | Herndon, VA

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Common Questions About Wood Siding

If you maintain your wood siding how long will it last? 20-40 years with proper maintenance.

How often do we need to have the wood siding painted? Proper maintenance will includes resealing and repainting every couple of years. Holes or cracks need to be patched sooner rather than later.

Why do we need to maintain it so often? Exterior wood siding is very vulnerable to water damage which leads to mold, rot and eventually splitting and bowing of the wood.

Should we pressure wash our wood siding house? No, we recommend to skip power washing on wood siding houses as it can lead to chipped paint that will then allow moisture into the wood.