12 May 2020

6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

When you’re approaching an interior painting job, hiring a painter can be a tricky road to travel. Arm yourself with knowledge before your first estimate appointment so you can feel confident in choices you make. Here are 6 things to consider when hiring an interior painter. Lead If you weren’t in your home when itRead the full article

14 April 2020

10 Cheerful Spring Colors to Wake Up Your Home

With warmer weather, many of us are driven to clean our homes until they sparkle. If you’ve completed the scrubbing and washing but still are looking for more updates, maybe it’s time to incorporate some new colors into your abode. Here are 10 cheerful spring colors to wake up your home. One of the easiestRead the full article

31 March 2020

The Guide to Paint Finishes

Choosing your color for a paint project can seem like it’s the most important decision. The sheen will have just as much impact on the look of your finished project as the color. The finish can change the look of a color, give you a more cleanable surface or hide imperfections. Now you see theRead the full article

10 Key Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

The exterior of your house says a lot about you. To make a good impression, you’re going to want to keep it in the best shape possible. This also means it will be protected from the elements. Bringing in a painter to take care of this big task can be intimidating. Arm yourself with knowledgeRead the full article

10 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Costs/looking for a quote How do I get an estimate for painting my home? Most professional painting companies will offer you a free in-home estimate. You can sign up for a free in-home estimate here or call usRead the full article