10 Cheerful Spring Colors to Wake Up Your Home

With warmer weather, many of us are driven to clean our homes until they sparkle. If you’ve completed the scrubbing and washing but still are looking for more updates, maybe it’s time to incorporate some new colors into your abode. Here are 10 cheerful spring colors to wake up your home.

One of the easiest ways to update your home is to tweak the color palette inside. Bringing in spring hues from outside can extend the warmth to the inside of your home. Our color experts have chosen these colors for their warm tones and ease of use. Let’s get started.




Millennial pink took over walls in 2016, but the lust quickly began to fade. The color was overly saturated bubblegum pink on the walls. Now that those tweens are aging, it’s time to get more sophisticated. Blush is just as girly with a flair for the educated women that it encompasses. When you pair it with camel or taupe you get a warm room that is completely liveable without going overboard.

Bright Blue

Blue was Pantone’s Color of the Year and for good reason. The once only a boy color is now working for looks across the board. The color is versatile and can be dressed up for a boudoir or dressed down to a child’s bedroom. If you bring in greens with blue, it reminds us of the great outdoors and the great summer to come. Try pairing white for a similar feeling of a light and airy room.

Sage Green

With the outside greenery, use it on your walls to feel fresh and bright inside. This particular shade of green can be paired with shades of yellow, white or cream for a perfect palette. Because it’s muted, the organic color feels fresh in both spaces – masculine and feminine.


There is a strong movement of leather colors this season. Light toned browns are very popular for their ease of use in not just armchairs and sofas, but also on walls. The color can lighten a room that is full of heavy, dark furniture or pairs perfectly for a stylish study with a pop of color accent wall.


Coral has the best properties of pink and orange blended into a perfect sorbet color. While the color is invigorating and energizing, it will bring happiness to any room you put it in. Consider adding it for a bit of cheer in a laundry or mudroom. It perfectly complements a warm cream for an office or bedroom.


Bringing the cheerful color of the sun inside is a great idea, when executed properly. The buttery yellow shade can overtake a room very quickly and turn cheer to overstimulation. Use the color to perfectly warm up the kitchen from under cabinets. Or try pairing it with a cream chair rail for a warm dining room. It can also bring a smile to a living room as an accent wall or architectural pop. Be sure to incorporate the color into smaller doses too, with throws, accent pillows and flowers.

Olive Green

Our color specialists predict that overly masculine colors will take center stage this year. This means we’ll be seeing a lot of navy, saddle brown and hunter green. Keep on trend while warming up for spring by incorporating olive green into your paint now. The color is still on style guides while being lightened up to work with this spring. As an added bonus, it will transition from spring to summer and beyond easily. To really spring up the room, add some fresh plants in varying greens.


Spring takes most of our brains to the pastel colors on the spectrum. These classic shades will warm your home in spring and carry through to the summer months. Muted pastels work to bring the great outside in, but also incorporate color into your home after a long dark winter.

Sky Blue

Many of us have missed the summer sky. Bring it inside permanently with sky blue on the walls. This means even during the rain showers of spring, you’ll be sitting under a blue sky. Work the color into a fresh bathroom paired with stark white. The result is crisp and warm, just like our spring mornings.


White is a foolproof way to lighten and brighten. Go all-in on white. Working with white can be complicated, so to get the warmth of spring, you’ll want to opt for warm yellow or red undertones in the paint mix. Complete the look with sheer curtains that allow light to shine through and fresh house plants.

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