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Top Picks For Exterior House Colours in Surrey, BC

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We have been painting homes in Surrey for many years, there are some common colors selected for home exteriors in the area. Color selection does vary and often is influenced by other homes in the neighborhood. Generally a colour that pairs well with nearby homes, and is in a more neutral family of colours is preferable for exteriors.

Shades of White & Yellow

Shades of White & Yellow

Neutral colours are always a popular and safe choice, and often a good option when considering resale of the home or property.

White & Tan / Gray

White & Tan / Gray

White trim with tan or gray primary colours is a popular and safe choice for exteriors in the Surrey area.

Dark Colors with Masonry

Dark Colors with Masonry

Homes with brick or masonry work are common, especially on new construction. Dark painted trim and siding works well depending on the shade of the brick.

Exterior Colour Combinations & Ideas For Surrey, BC

See below for some colors that pair well and are used frequently in the service area. Contact us if you are interested in a more options and ideas for colours.


SW 6129 | SW 6120 | SW7598


SW7594 | SW7532 | SW7513


SW0014 | SW2814 | SW2822


SW6249 | SW7008 | SW6156

SW6073 | SW7005 | SW6244