25 June 2022

3 Reasons You Should Remove Your Wallpaper

There comes a time in every house to switch out the wallpaper for a fresh coat of paint. Sure, wallpapers offer a unique look and even can give a room some extra depth. In the long run, though, there are little benefits to keeping that 18th-century wallpaper plastered to the walls in your home. InRead the full article

21 May 2022

How Interior Colour Schemes Affect Your Mood

It’s no surprise that the things we surround ourselves with affect our moods. So it makes sense that the paint colours you choose to put on your walls can inhibit or enhance your mood. When you aim to boost your mood in a room, keep in mind its intended use. For example, painting a bedroomRead the full article

24 March 2022

3 Best Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to give your home a facelift. New kitchen cabinet colours can completely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. Since the kitchen is the most visited room in the home, a good paint job can even transform your entire household. This is just one reason whyRead the full article

25 February 2022

When is the Best Time to Paint?

An exterior paint job is not the kind of project that can be undertaken just any time of the year. There are optimal times and appropriate weather conditions to make your project take less time and turn out better. So when is the best time to paint a house exterior? With spring heading to ourRead the full article

30 January 2022

Concrete Patio Paint Ideas

As we all prepare to head into the great outdoors for summer, your patio could be in sad shape. Most homeowners ignore the patio flooring as a necessary evil of untouched concrete. The slab can be turned fab with just a bit of time and paint. Rather than covering up the gray mass with plantersRead the full article

20 December 2021

3 Tips for Choosing Commercial Painters in Surrey

Hiring commercial painters Surrey is no small feat. There is plenty of research and preparation that needs to happen before you can expect any paint to hit the walls. In places like Surrey\White Rock\Langley\North Delta, though, it can be difficult to decide which local paint company is the right one for your project. It isRead the full article

29 November 2021

Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year

Every year, each major paint company chooses a paint color to be their color of the year. The colors are chosen based on design trends & what designers

27 October 2021

Why Hire Indoor Painters Before Winter

The end of the season is approaching, and the best time period for painting your home interior painting project is coming along with it. Soon, families will be coming to visit and friends will be bringing good cheer. It is time to prepare your home to welcome your loved ones! Interior painting is one wayRead the full article

30 September 2021

Tips To Get Started on Your Pre-Holiday Painting Projects

This year’s holiday celebrations will be extra special after being unable to gather together last year due to the pandemic. America now understands that being physically together is a privilege that we may not get to do every year. So why not start the planning process now for the much anticipated holiday parties? Certapro paintersRead the full article

23 August 2021

Why Exterior Painting is Better at the End of the Season

You may have heard that the end of summer is the best time to paint your house. In this article, our professionals will discuss why we believe that house painting at the end of the season is the easiest way to get the best finish. We’ll also discuss things to consider before taking on yourRead the full article