22 December 2019

Winter Home Ideas for Interior Painting: Entryway Refresh

Cozying up at home is a true winter delight. But if we’re not careful, by the middle of the season, many of us can start to feel a little restless or get the midwinter blues. One great way to avoid the winter slump and re-energize is by refreshing your home’s interior. The following winter homeRead the full article

24 October 2019

Should You Paint During the Fall and Winter Seasons?

The weather has decidedly changed from summer sun to crisp fall. Most homeowners assume the window for painting has closed, along with the pool. Our pros say not the case. Fall and winter can provide several benefits to painting. It’s not all fun and games though. Should you paint during the fall and winter season?Read the full article

30 September 2019

Interior Paint Ideas and Schemes From The Color Wheel

All you need to choose color schemes for your rooms is available on the color wheel. Because the layout of the color wheel identified color families that belong together, using it can create complementary and contrasting color schemes. Primary Colors Every color, white excluded, comes from a primary color. Red, blue and yellow are combinedRead the full article

10 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Costs/looking for a quote How do I get an estimate for painting my home? Most professional painting companies will offer you a free in-home estimate. You can sign up for a free in-home estimate here or call usRead the full article

07 March 2017

Revitalize Your Space in 2017

Are you having trouble creating a beautiful space in your home? CertaPro Painters provides clients with three simple steps to transform rooms into wonderful spaces with stunning colours and personal touches. Take advantage of these tips and revitalize your space in 2017! Step 1: Find your inspiration Your favourite things hold the key to whatRead the full article

Reawaken Your Space with Colour Combinations

Choosing multiple paint colours for a room can seem like a mighty challenge. Fortunately, there is a stress-free way to make the perfect paint colour choices. Interior designers depend on it all the time and so can you. It’s called the Colour Wheel and here’s how to use it to your advantage. How to UseRead the full article

Deck the Halls

Updating Hallways in your Home The hallways in your home should be anything but boring. There are numerous ways to make your hallways interesting. Although these updates may take a bit of work, the rewards are well worth your efforts. You will not only please family and friends who pass through the space, you tooRead the full article