Extend Your Home with a Finished Garage

Gain a larger footprint out of your home, not with a costly addition, but by finishing your garage. The room is often left with virgin drywall and concrete as a home to boxes of holiday decorations and too many spiders. Some cleaning, organizing and painting can make the garage feel like an extension of your home instead of the catchall it’s become.

Here is how to extend your home with a finished garage.

No matter what you choose to do with your new space, the renovation is the same. Garages are normally left with unfinished concrete floors and virgin concrete on basic framing. Adding color and flooring makes the difference in making the room feel complete.


Most walls in the garage are unfinished, untreated drywall. To make it feel like a living space, add some paint. It’s important to take the time to prime the walls, especially if they haven’t been painted before. This creates a good tooth for the paint you choose to put on it. Add a quality interior paint on top of it to create the feeling you want.


You probably have a basic poured concrete floor. To complete the room, add an epoxy flooring. These coatings offer a colored finish that will stand up to the car you (might) park in the garage while giving you a stain and water resistant floor. To apply it, you will have to clean thoroughly, etch the concrete, and add several coats of the epoxy coating. These floors are durable and customizable. Rather than painting, epoxy offers a long lasting option that adheres to the concrete. Slip resistant and traction additions are available for further safety.


While you don’t see the garage door while you’re in it, this is a place to add some color and style on the exterior of your home. A new color on the garage door can be a stylish update to the exterior of your house. Now is the time to take on the challenge, while you’re working inside the room too. Consider using the current palette, surrounding foliage and look you want at the end. Don’t limit yourself to one single color. Adding stripes, boxes or other artistic pieces makes the door stand out as an architectural element, rather than a quickly painted necessary item.


Before you start updating the aesthetics of your garage, look around for livability elements. While the room is likely wired for electricity, are the outlets in accessible and convenient places. Look at the lighting to see if it suits your needs. Does the garage door opener need to be updated? Investigate the temperature control and insulation in the room. Make sure you will be able to keep it warm or cool enough.

Let Us Help You with Your Renovations

Our crews are experts at finishing garages and turning them into liveable man caves, craft rooms, sports dens and upscale garages. We can apply epoxy to the floor, apply paint on the walls and help with minor repairs to get the room ready. Schedule an estimate appointment with our team today to discuss your garage refinishing project.