Deck Stain and Maintenance Guide in Surrey, BC

Taking care of outdoor wooden elements in our climate is a must. Otherwise, you could be dealing with damage and replacement more often. Since our climate can allow for wide temperature fluctuations as well as heavy and lingering precipitation, maintenance and care of wooden decks is crucial. Here is the CertaPro Painters deck stain and maintenance guide in Surrey. If you are looking for professional deck staining services, contact us for a free estimate!

In this region, natural wooden decks and successful and beautiful ways to extend your living space into the outdoors. Using wood as your surface can allow you to enjoy it for years to come, but not without maintenance. The first step is choosing a stain to protect the wood on a daily basis.


Choosing a stain for your decking can allow you to enhance the natural beauty of the wood by adding to the color. There are two common types of stain: latex or hybrid. There used to be a third option in oil-based stains, but more recent developments of the other two have allowed their use to flourish for the following reasons:

  • Faster drying times allow the job to be completed much more quickly.
  • Colours are more vibrant and stay that way longer without the sun leaching pigments away.
  • Low VOCs (odors) keep your family and crew safe during the application process.
  • Opaque and transparent colours are available in either stain variation opening your deck up to any style and shade you’re looking for.
  • Site clean up is a snap since thinners aren’t required.
  • Wood penetration is as solid as with previously touted oil-based stains.

Wooden Deck Maintenance

Application of a stain will help your deck remain in good shape, but further maintenance can extend the lifespan of your deck.


Keeping your deck clear of debris and dirt will extend the life of your deck as well as maintaining the color. When leaves, twigs and grass are allowed to cluster and deteriorate on the decking, you could be dealing with black stains and brown messes.

Annual pressure washing can make a swift task of cleaning the deck area up. Remove all furniture and planters before you begin. Use a low PSI to start and work your way up. Be cautious not to overpower the wood. Too much pressure can ruin planks by causing divots and damage.


Take time each spring or summer to inspect around your deck. Look for standing water or areas of the wood that are being abused by water. Take time to redirect water and deal with any messes it could have left. Water running on or sitting against wood can allow mildew, mold, rot and algae to develop.


When you clean each spring, take time to inspect your stain on your deck. A fast way to determine if it’s time to stain again is to drop water onto it. If the water beads up, your stain is intact and good for another season. If it soaks in, you are in need of a professional assessment and potentially a restaining.

Call our Professionals

To ensure your deck is in perfect condition and ready for a summer season, call our CertaPro Painters of Surrey, White Rock, Langley, and North Delta professionals. We provide no-obligation estimates along with inspections of your deck. Our crews are available to complete your project before the busy days of summer.