28 May 2020

3 Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing cabinets is messy, time-consuming, and very expensive. Custom cut cabinets for your kitchen will leave your kitchen in disarray for quite some time. In addition, your wallet will take even more time to recover from the purchase. What if there was an option to update your cabinets without the cost that is greener withRead the full article

01 May 2020

How to Paint Houses With Exterior Brick

Brick homes have a stately look that says this house is secure. Even the Big Bad Wolf can’t blow it down. Bright red brick in its new, pristine status is regal but after a few seasons, the brick can lose its luster. There are options to revive the look. Here is how to paint exteriorRead the full article

17 April 2020

5 DIY Leftover Paint Projects

After a big painting project, you’re sure to have leftover paint buckets. Don’t save them – use them! Here are 5 DIY leftover paint projects to get you started. Most homeowners don’t want the responsibility of holding onto paint from old projects. More often than not, it goes bad before you need it for touch-ups.Read the full article

11 April 2020

DIY Faux Brick Wall

A brick wall adds a certain unique character to your home. It goes with pretty much any style and adds instant charm. Just because your home didn’t come with an exposed brick wall doesn’t mean you can’t still create this look. If you love the look of an exposed brick wall in a home butRead the full article

31 March 2020

Work from Home Décor Ideas

Working from home requires the same amount of motivation that you would have in an office space. Sometimes, having your work space be in the space that you relax in can be a bit of a challenge. If you work from home, it is important to have a designated space where you can feel motivatedRead the full article

14 February 2020

Interior House Painting in the Winter

Winter can make people less motivated and also less likely to want to dive into home renovations. However, winter is actually the ideal time for interior house painting and home makeovers. Help cure your winter blues and keep reading to find out how to give the interior of your home a winter-time makeover. It willRead the full article

22 January 2020

Reasons Your Paint Color Looks Wrong (It’s NOT the Lighting)

Now that your room is painted, you are excited to walk in. Then, it’s awful. Clearly this is not the color you gave the painters. Right? Wrong. Maybe the lighting? Could be. Here are the reasons your paint color looks wrong from our interior painter Las Vegas experts in the field. Undertone Undertone makes allRead the full article

18 December 2019

Home Painters Las Vegas: Repair Holiday Wall Damage

Now that the holiday decor is being put away, have you run into unexpected damage to your walls? Bumps on walls and damage from hooks crop up when the decorations are pulled off the walls. You don’t want to start the new year with banged up walls! Here’s how to repair holiday damage on theRead the full article

25 November 2019

6 Signs It’s Time for House Painting

You would be hard pressed to find a homeowner that jumps at the chance to paint their house. It’s an expensive and nerve wrecking proposition that is more often put off too long. Chances are, putting it off could allow further damage to crop up. Paint is the first line of defense in protecting yourRead the full article

18 October 2019

Hiring a Painting Contractor: CertaPro Painters Las Vegas

Bringing contractors into your home is always a stressful situation. Your daily routine gets upset and likely lasts for several days. There are any number of horror stories of disappearing contractors, mid-job damage or worse. Avoid these situations with some sage advice to set you up for success. Here’s what to consider when hiring aRead the full article