10 November 2022

When is the Best Time to Interior Paint?

An interior paint job is not the kind of project that can be undertaken just any time of the year. There are optimal times and appropriate weather conditions to make your project take less time and turn out better. So when is the best time to paint a house interior? With winter heading to ourRead the full article

30 August 2022

Rising Cost of Painting in St. Joseph Explained

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the price to paint your home, you probably noticed that the cost of painting has been rising––and not by a small amount. This can be frustrating, confusing, and leave you with multiple questions. In this article, our professionals hope to answer a few questions as well as detailRead the full article

20 July 2022

Brick Painting vs. Staining: Best Option for You

Brick homes have a stately look that says this house is secure. Bright red brick in its new, pristine status is regal, but after a few seasons, the brick can lose its luster. Updating bricks is necessary for look and maintenance. You have two options. Should you choose brick painting or staining? You may notRead the full article

29 June 2022

Difference Between Types of Siding

Exterior siding for homes and buildings has multiple purposes. The most noticeable purpose for your house siding is aesthetics. The material you choose for the exterior of your home also largely influences its overall architectural style, making it doubly important to carefully consider your preferred types of siding. Most importantly, siding protects your home’s exteriorRead the full article

01 April 2022

3 Common Mistakes New Painters Make

We’ve all tried our hand at painting a wall. Some of us are good at it, while others struggle. Painting is not complicated, but it does take discipline, practice, and experience to become good at it. Today we will describe three common mistakes rookie painters make and how to avoid making them yourself. Not CleaningRead the full article

01 March 2022

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Cabinets

Painting cabinets can add visual interest to an otherwise plain surface. Repainting cabinets can also add life to them by preventing moisture from penetrating the surface and damaging them. However, there are a few common mistakes beginners tend to make, so today we will discuss how to avoid them. Don’t Use a Thick Nap RollerRead the full article

01 February 2022

How to Choose the Best Interior Paint for Your Home

When choosing colors for a home, it is easy to get lost in the minutia of options. Do you match the carpet or the furniture? Should the walls shine or scatter the light? In today’s modern paint world, the options can cause analysis paralysis. Today, we would like to offer a few tips to helpRead the full article

25 January 2022

3 Tips For Painting a Front Door

In the minds of many homeowners, the front door of a home makes a statement. Often the eye is drawn towards a front door, as they are usually decorative and a focal point of the exterior. Today we will offer three tips for painting a front door and why you may want to use them.Read the full article

27 December 2021

Using Oil Based Enamel Paint Outdoors

Exterior oil-based paint has long been the solution for protecting outdoor surfaces. Generally known as enamel, these paints are very durable, prevent rust and corrosion, and look great. In most instances, oil-based paint will have gloss sheen and can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto the surface. However, oil-based paints do have their downsides, soRead the full article

29 November 2021

Why Should You Hire A Professional Painter?

Most of us have attempted to paint a wall at some point, but the results we get don’t always meet our expectations. Painting seems simple, so why does it work sometimes and not others? Usually, the culprit of an uninspiring paint project is inexperience. In situations like these, often the solution is to hire aRead the full article