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CertaPro Painters® offers Professional Siding Painting Services

Siding can take on a worn and faded appearance over time, especially cedar siding which can suffer from rot and insect damage For homeowners looking to either maintain the health of their current siding or just get a new look for your home’s exterior, CertaPro Painters® offers exceptional professional siding painting for a reasonable price. We can service a variety of different types of siding, including:

cedar siding

Cedar Siding

vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

Aluminum Siding

Why Hire a Professional

Regardless of the type, effectively painting siding on your own is a difficult task. That’s why a lot of homeowners hire experts like CertaPro Painters to get the job done for them. The reasons generally come down to a few main factors:

Wrong Type of Paint

Knowing which type of paint to use for your particular siding is a task in itself. Using the wrong kind of paint could lead to flaking and warping, among other issues. CertaPro Painters have specialty paints that will work for whatever siding you may have.

Lack of Equipment

Professional equipment like sprayers and specialty ladders are necessary to complete such a large task, and going the DIY route could lead to excess expense and a risk of personal injury.

paint sprayers

Choosing the Wrong Color

There are factors to keep in mind when choosing a color for your exterior, and a lot of these factors come down to which type of siding you have. Leave the guesswork out of it and trust CertaPro Painters to make the right decision.

color swatches

Want to protect and refresh your home’s exterior?

Take the stress out of such a large job by trusting the expertise of CertaPro Painters of St. Joseph.

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Cedar Siding

Many homes in the St. Joseph area feature cedar siding, which is a beautiful wood that comes with its own set of advantages and difficulties.


Not only is cedar a flexible material in terms of potential beveling of shingles and other customizations, it can also become even more aesthetically pleasing as time goes on. It offers a timeless look that is neither trying to be modern or traditional. It also offers superior insulation compared to other types of siding. Cedar siding is relatively easy to install and lasts for decades when properly maintained.


While having generally higher resistance than most other types of siding, cedar siding is still prone to the typical ailments of wooden siding, particularly rot and insect damage. It’s also important to not use iron nails when installing it, as cedar reacts directly with iron.

Trust the Experts at CertaPro Painters® to Professionally Paint your Home’s Siding

CertaPro Painters® has the experience, the equipment, and the expertise to paint your home beautifully. Our painters have experience with different techniques needed to complete siding painting projects.

The benefit of hiring CertaPro Painters® is that you will have a refreshed, gorgeous home with painted siding that looks great and will withstand the wear and tear of weather and time.

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