26 August 2023

Exterior Paint Colors That Increase the Value of Your Springfield Home

There is a lot that goes into choosing the exterior paint colors of your Springfield home. Not only do you have to consider any neighborhood or HOA restrictions, you also have to think about what colors will add to the value of your home. After all, curb appeal is arguably the most important element toRead the full article

20 June 2023

What to Know About Brick Painting in Springfield

Bricks are a staple when it comes to exteriors in Springfield. Beyond the traditional look, they are strong and sturdy for buildings. Many people assume changing the brick is as simple as painting a wall. The job is a bit more intricate than that. In addition to basic painting skills and tools, you must knowRead the full article

31 May 2023

Painting for Different Types of Siding in Springfield

Exterior siding for homes and buildings has multiple purposes. The most noticeable purpose for your house siding is aesthetics. The material you choose for the exterior of your home also largely influences its overall architectural style, making it doubly important to carefully consider your preferred siding type. Most importantly, siding protects your home’s exterior –Read the full article

15 December 2022

Introducing Sherwin-William’s Color of the Year: Redend Point

Sherwin-Williams recently announced their 2023 Color of the Year! Introducing: Redend Point! An intriguing hue of blush beige, Redend Point gives us a soft, nature-inspired canvas to highlight bold accents or bring warmth and comfort to a calming space. We at CertaPro Painters® of Springfield are excited to incorporate this beautiful shade into our customers’Read the full article

02 December 2022

Our Tips for Interior Painting for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. Leaves are changing colors, the air is cooler, and families are creating plans to get together. There are a few ways to make your family feel more at home. Good food always helps, but so does a clean, fresh coat of paint on your home interior! Interior painting is aRead the full article

28 November 2022

Why Winter is a Good Time to Paint Business Interior

Business owners know that time is money and maintaining a professional image is necessary to attract customers. You should beautify your business interior on a regular basis. Refreshed decor could ultimately affect your bottom line. Commercial locations are not that different from houses when it comes to painting; the paint and repairs should be addressedRead the full article

24 October 2022

Interior Painting FAQ: Answers from the Pros

Interior painting is something we do every day, but for you, it may be something you only do every few years. So, you probably have a few questions. Below is a list of the usual interior painting questions our professionals painters receive. However, if you have more questions, please ask. We’re happy to help! DoRead the full article

18 July 2022

Paint Colors to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Small spaces often pose the biggest challenges when it comes to interior design and decor. Rather than going through the trouble of finding out what paint colors works best for a particular room, most people just paint it white to be done with it. But that doesn’t have to be your case. If you haveRead the full article

17 June 2022

Dangers of DIY: 3 Common Painting Mistakes

There is a certain appeal that comes with DIY painting. There is an aura of romanticism about going to the store and choosing your paint, gathering all of the materials, and putting the work in to change the look of a room. When it comes time to actually do it yourself, though, the charm canRead the full article

12 May 2022

Home Office Paint Colors

Surely, you’re working more at home these days. Creating a space for you to be productive is the key to a happy working at home life. You may not have put much thought into your home office prior to the stay at home order, but now is the time to give yourself the office ofRead the full article