15 November 2016

Basic House Paint Color Schemes

Learn the Color Basics for House Painting Ideas Find the existing dominant color that you like, or wish to keep, in the room or on the house. On an exterior, this could be the color of the brick or stone, pre-finished windows, or roof. For an interior, it could be the color of your sofa,Read the full article

CertaPro Painters® shares inspirational color palettes and placement plans that could be perfect for your two-story entry.

Two story entries can be difficult to contend with in terms of color. But they are usually at the HEART OF THE HOME, so look at this space as an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the house and look for ways to create visual comfort and welcome. Fresh spring greens bringRead the full article

Opps…. you’ve spilled acrylic paint? What’s the easiest way to clean it up?

Dump a bag of kitty litter on it. Acrylic paint is water-based and is not considered hazardous. If you have kitty litter available it makes an easy clean up. The litter will absorb the paint, making the mess easy to scoop into a bag or container. If you set it outside to dry first thenRead the full article

6 Tips that Make Home Decorating a Snap

Sometimes homeowners put off redecorating because making color choices is just too overwhelming. As a result, walls, ceilings and trim are painted the same colors again and again – safe, but not exciting. Here are six tips that can help you move away from “colors as usual” to make redecorating your home a truly delightfulRead the full article

How Fresh Exterior Trim Can Make a Dynamite Difference

Painted trim accounts for only a small area of the exterior of your home, but it has a major impact on your home’s overall appearance. With the warmer temperatures and gentle breezes of springtime, now is a great time to give that appearance a boost. But before starting, make sure wood surfaces are carefully inspectedRead the full article