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The Story

The Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth, TX was built in 1909 and served as a day school and boarding school for young women and girls. It was founded by the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur, and was also the convent for the Sisters. At one point the school included students from elementary age up to junior college.

In the 1980s the building was abandoned, as the cost of upkeep became too difficult for the elderly sisters remaining in the convent. It was eventually purchased and remodeled, opening as a residential and studio space in 2004. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a City of Fort Worth Landmark.


After many years of use, the original wood sash windows were in serious decline, with extensive peeling paint, and in some cases, needing to be replaced. And, the original limestone on the building had succumbed to dirt, grime and mildew that had accumulated over decades.


As a historic building, any replacement windows had to be exact replicas of the original window style.

Project Involvement:

CertaPro Painters was contracted to power wash the limestone, and repair and paint all windows, downspouts, doors and door frames. There were almost 400 windows in the 5-story building. Over the course of 2 weeks we prepped and primed the windows, including replacing 5 windows that were beyond repair with exact replicas of the originals.  After two weeks of detailed prep and painting, the limestone was power washed to remove the mildew and grime.

Special Challenges:

The work required an 80-foot lift and a 40-foot ladder for safe access.



Before the project began, an assessment of the building was completed and pictures were taken of the areas that needed attention.

Views of the brick and windows before being power washed and painted.

Before power washing and painting.

Before CertaPro began power washing and painting.

Close up view of the years of dirt build up.

A close up look at the damage to the paint on the windows.

A closer look at the work the windows needed.


After completion, areas of concern were surveyed and pictures were taken to validate the quality of work.

Showing the results of the power wash clean up and paint of the trim.

Showing the improvement of the windows after repairing and painting.

A look at the cleaned limestone trim and painted windows.

All the downspouts were cleaned and painted to match the windows.

Looking at the entire project.

Looking at the improved windows after the completed project.