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Common Questions When Hiring a Painter

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How much will it cost to paint my house?

The price varies depending on the scope of work provided to our team. The following are some items to consider; will there be carpentry repairs (fascia, soffits, window frames, sheetrock, etc.), are we having to re-texture, will we be applying 2 coats or even a coat of primer prior to painting, how much set up time and prep work is needed (caulking, sanding, covering, and protecting etc.). This along with WHAT you are having painted factors in to our pricing. For interiors; how many rooms? What are we doing in each of these rooms (cabinetry, baseboards, crown molding, ceilings, and walls). For exteriors, it is much the same. (Every side of the house, window frames, doors, door frames, etc.)

Do you have a project minimum?

We have a project minimum of $1,400. We do try to accommodate everyone as much as we can.

Is there anything that can change the cost of a project after a customer receives a quote?

Our price is a fixed bid, meaning you do not pay sales tax or anything more than what is received on the proposal unless you change the scope of work. If a customer wants to make any additions or changes, we will provide a change order detailing the price prior to the work beginning. Sometimes we identify things such as rotten wood that was not able to be initially identified during the estimate. If this is the case, we will inform the customer of the damage, provide a change order if they would like us to make the repairs, then continue on with the project.

How often should people paint their homes?

Paint is a protective and preventative for wood. Typically, people should paint their homes every 7-8 years.

How long does it take to paint a home?

This again varies on the scope of work. A full exterior with repairs could take 7 working days (weather pending), while some of the exteriors we do are completed within 3 days.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry $2,000,000 in General Liability insurance.

How many people do you send out for each job?

We can have a single painter come out to complete your project or up to 7. We always try to be cognizant of time and labor as it applies to the customers’ needs.

Is your team comprised of employees or subcontractors?

Our staff here at CertaPro Painters of Southlake, TX are employees. Most of the painters we work with are subcontractors, however, we thoroughly vet the subcontractors we choose to work with. We ensure the quality of their work, that their core values align with that of our team and of CertaPro Painters, and that the customer experience is of utmost importance.

How will my project be managed?

We always have a Job Site Supervisor that is actively managing the crew. In addition to this, the owner and sales representative come out for visits often to ensure everything is in order and being completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Is there a warranty?

We have a 2 year limited warranty.

How long have you been in business?

CertaPro Painters of Southlake, TX and surrounding areas have been in business for 17 years. There was a transition of ownership in 2022, with the quality remaining that of the CertaPro Standard.

Can the painters work alone in my house?

We vet the crews we work with carefully to ensure they understand and meet the CertaPro standards.

How many paint colors are included in your typical proposal?

We usually see no more than 3 different color selection on any given proposal. This can range widely upon the customer’s needs.

Do you have color consultations?

We offer free 1-hour consultations once the proposal is signed by the customer.

What type of paint do you use?

We use paints from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore (Texas Paint), Kelley Moore, and PPG.

Is there anything the homeowner should do to prep for your crew to arrive?

For interior projects, we ask that the customer clean out any cabinetry that is to be painted, remove any smaller items (we will handle the heavier furniture), and to remove any wall art. (You may leave the nails in if you wish to put it back in the same place)

What is your cleanup process?

We clean our work areas daily and store any equipment in an area designated by the customer. At the end of each project, we do a more thorough clean-up to ensure the crew has left nothing behind and things are as they were at the start of the project.

Do you sponsor any local businesses/teams in your area?

Though I have not identified which organizations I plan to sponsor yet, First-Responders and Military are very important to us here at CertaPro Painters of Southlake, TX.

Do you offer any specials or discounts for groups like veterans, seniors, etc.?

We proudly offer discounts to Military and Law-Enforcement, and plan to incorporate one for the teachers of our community as well!