Spring Cleaning Projects Made Easy With a Pressure Washer

Spring cleaning can be a lot of interior grunt work, wiping away the winter grime. Many homeowners take to the inside of their house for spring cleaning. The outside of your home is surely clamoring for attention too. Here are spring cleaning projects made easy with a pressure washer.

Rent or purchase a pressure washer to make short order of some of the exterior spring to do items. Always make sure you know how to work the pressure cleaner and adjust the PSI. For each of these projects, it’s a good habit to start with a low PSI and work your way up to the pressure you need. Using too much pressure on surfaces can cause divots and injury to the project. Once you’re familiar with the instructions, get started here.

Gutter Cleaning and House Substrate

Winter can leave a mess in your gutters and on your siding. No matter if you’re working with vinyl, stucco, brick or otherwise, a pressure washer is a good way to provide all over cleaning for your home. Start with the gutters. Make sure they are clear of fall and winter debris then inspect to make sure gutters are attached and in working order. Any mess that falls onto the house can be quickly cleaned up with the sprayer.


Your patio is surely looking less inviting this spring. Before you unpack the furniture and set up shop, take the pressure washer to the patio surface. Be cautious not to use too much power and peel up any finishes or paint on it. Once the floors look good, unpack the furniture and with a lighter PSI, blast any dust or cobwebs off of it.

Wood Deck and Shed Cleaning.

Winter probably left twigs and leaves on your wooden deck or piled around your shed. Use a light PSI when working with wooden surfaces. It is easy to over power wood, especially older wood, and create a mess. Keeping growth from wood will allow it to last much longer, so pay particular attention to mildew or mold.

Driveway, Walkways and Front Steps

Haul the pressure washer to the front of the house and take on any sidewalks and driveway issues that you might have. A power washer is the perfect way to clean driveways made of concrete, brick or other materials. Avoid gravel and keep the nozzle away from dirt, grass and planters. Tackle any walkways and stairs that may have built up from winter.

Second-floor Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is always a chore that comes with spring. Cleaning the inside and outside of the first floor is simple enough with cleaners and towels. When it comes to second floor windows, it’s easier to spray down dirt with the pressure washer on the ground. There are some attachments and detergents made for this, but be careful with the purchases. Some will harm plants or paint if they are allowed to run.

Pressure washers can be finicky and tough to work with. If you want your house, deck and property cleaned, we have teams that specialize in this work. Schedule a free, no-obligation paint estimate appointment today.

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