Indoor Outdoor Home Cottage Décor Ideas

What do you think of when you think of ‘cottage style’? Most of the things that will come to mind are comfortable furniture, organic textures, fresh colors, floral patterns and more natural accents. Cottages are about becoming one with the nature around you and keeping contemporary style out of the home. This style can be described as relaxing country-like. If you already have a cottage or are thinking about purchasing one in the near future, we have found simple and inexpensive cottage décor ideas to make your cottage even more charming!

Relaxing Patio

Having a spot to relax outdoors is crucial. If you have an existing patio set but it needs a little touching up, try DIYing it. You can purchase fabric at a craft store and make your patio set look brand new. It will cost a lot less than purchasing a new one.

Bright Bedrooms

Bring color into your cottage by adding some fun colors into the bedrooms. You can try out yellows, greens and blues.

Sunlight Breakfast Nook

Having a breakfast nook in your cottage is a charming detail. Especially when it is surrounded by windows or even a skylight. You can DIY this using restored wood and then find chairs at a local thrift store, yard sale, etc.

Numbered Stairs

This detail is cute and unique. All you need is a stencil and paint. This is especially cute if you have children that will be staying at the cottage, they will love this detail. It adds charm and character to the home for very little money.

Delicate Details

Always keep fresh flowers around the home. It may seem like a little detail, but it will go a long way. It is also the easiest way to bring some nature into the cottage.

Jars Full of Nature

If you are looking for a fun project to complete, this is a great idea. Gather a couple mason jars and fill them with things outside surrounding your cottage. For example, if your cottage is near the beach you can fill the jar with seashells and sand.

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