Dramatically Change a Room with Southlake Painting Services

Painting a room can completely change the look and feel of it. Our crews have assisted in major makeovers for projects in the Southlake area. Here’s how we dramatically change a room with our painting services.

Epoxy Floors

By adding epoxy floor covering to an otherwise unfinished garage, it now feels like part of the house and is an extension of the living space. The Colleyville owners wanted to update the stained and chipped floor with a surface that would be equal parts appealing and durable. Now the garage is home to not only cars, but playtime for the kids.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchens are by and large mostly cabinetry. Replacing those cabinets can be a big mess and a bigger expense. Because of this, many homeowners feel stuck dealing with the cabinets they have in place. Our CertaPro Painters of Southlake has experience in kitchen cabinet refinishing. This allows your current, good condition cabinets to be utilized and refinished into another color. These older style light wooden cabinets were removed, painted stark white and replaced giving the room a completely new look.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings had their time en vogue but have quickly turned to passe. Removing the popcorn texture and refinishing the ceiling in homes in our area is a tricky task. Our team has performed this service for both single and multiple story ceilings. This vaulted and angled ceiling was showing discoloration and in need of updating. The crew scraped the current popcorn texture from the area, repaired surfaces and completed the job with a new white coating of paint.

Faux Finish

Faux finishes create a sense of drama within a room. They are created by using two or more colors of paint together in an abstract pattern, giving the walls a textured appearance. This living room was painted using several gold and brown colors in a sponged application creating a warm and inviting room for conversation.

Specialized Painting

Beyond just adding a single color to your walls, our painting crew members are talented in creating other looks. Most commonly, they are asked for a two-toned paint job. We created a two-toned pink striped room that was perfectly fit for the princess who lived inside. Another way to incorporate more colors is with architectural elements. This hallway in Southlake had arches over the hallway that the owner wanted to accent with a darker brown color compared to the walls. The finished project was a neutral but stylish outcome.

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