Create Your Own Bathroom Spa

We could all use a little more zen in our lives. If just getting to the spa stresses you out, bring the spa home. With a makeover at home, you can sink into a hot bath to soothe the day away. Small steps in your current bathroom make all the difference. Here are 7 tricks to make your bathroom into a spa.

Color Therapy

Bathrooms can be painted relatively simply. This will give the room a new feel, and while you’re at it, a new calmness. Spas use colors in the light blue and green palettes to lower heart rates and help users calm down. Take a nod from them and add one of these colors to your bathroom.


Spas always have fresh plants to enhance the calm in the room. Choose an easy to maintain variety or one that can add a fresh scent to the room. A small eucalyptus or wandering fern is the perfect start.

Chic Shower Curtain

Swapping out a shower curtain is an easy and cheap way to refresh the room. In a normal bathroom, the curtain takes up a good amount of real estate. Making this small change can make a big impact. Choose a curtain that is fresh and fits your spa colors and theme.

Trendy Towels

Use a wooden crate, stool or shelf to store some fresh rolled towels on. The natural element adds to the look of the room, while giving you a good place to store extra towels that’s clean and new.

Bamboo Bath Mat

Fabric bath mats are potentially problematic. They get damp and smelly fairly regularly. Along with the wooden items you added for towel storage, consider putting in a bamboo bath mat. It will feel like a spa and require less work than a fabric one.

Scented Candle

When you enter the spa, it hits all of your senses, so don’t forget your nose. Get a similar effect at home with a scented candle or wax burner in a fresh, soothing aroma, like lavender or eucalyptus.

Add Art

It’s important to have something interesting as you soak in your tub, with face mask applied. Add some artwork you love or something to relax you. Popular choices include oceans, landscapes or abstract art.

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