Let your personality guide your interior paint color choices

Choosing the right colors for your home is critical and should reflect your own sense of style as well as complement your decor. To help you with your decision process we are pairing up colors with the kinds of moods, energy levels, and general feelings that you, the homeowner, may be looking to create in your home. See if you can find your style and personality in these choices below.


Go minimal! This color is perfect for a minimalist that is into their tech toys. Grey is a soothing and restful color giving you a chance to recharge your battery at home. You might even put the phone and tablet down for a minute! If you are looking for simplicity, and a spare, uncluttered feel in a room this is a great choice


Dream away. A whimsical color like yellow is good for great minds that love to ponder difficult concepts. It lends itself to the charismatic and perfectionist types. The color will help create a calm for the deep brains to create new complex dreams. It can also work as a kind of “second cup of coffee”, providing vibrancy and energy.


For the fearless. Orange lends itself to those who aren’t scared to stand out. Personalities that lean toward the citrus color love adventure, travel, and meeting new people. Orange will give them a bright color, where they can feel cozy and relaxed.


Perfectly calming and peaceful. While the color comes in many variations, the common feeling of harmony and peacefulness is there. Blue personalities are loyal and love routine. Typically, those in blue rooms also require cleanliness and organization. It’s a good idea to incorporate some storage and shelves into a blue room. If you want to be adrift in the summer sky this is your color.


Earthy. A dark brown with earthy tones is chosen by a down-to-earth and honest individual. The inhabitants are reliable and confident, leading them to the coffee color. This dark brown will encourage relaxation and a chance to slow down. Go with lighter shades for more space and darker for more coziness.


Mysteriously enticing. Black shows independence and irreverence for what others think of you. The color exudes prestige and power. Those with black rooms are captivated by privacy and intimacy. Balance the color with lighter furniture, floors, and ceiling to offer dramatic contrast.


Green is the color free from drama. If you avoid drama and gossip, green is a color you should consider. Those who enjoy green are patient and value their home time. It’s a relaxing color, promoting a stress-free environment to wind down in. Embrace the zen-like calm of green by using shades found in your favorite plants.


Handy creators. If your weekends are filled with DIY projects, red could be a good choice for you. It’s said to increase creativity and boost heart rate in preparation for a new genius idea. The color brings energy and warmth to the room. It’s also supposed to work wonders for your appetite so consider this color for your dining room.


Lavender is the color of tranquility. Pastel purple is a good shade for some much-needed rest and relaxation. It creates an environment of effortless calm. Its elegant feel gives your room an upscale spa atmosphere. Go darker if you are looking for a sophisticated serene and sultry room.


Romantic. For the people who are looking for a serene and heartfelt look, pink is the answer. Avoid bubblegum pink which will bring the energy up, while pastel will give you a calm yet colorful feel. This is a shade that works great with floral print drapes or furniture and will play nicely with dark wood as well.


The most flexible of all earth tones. Tan adds warmth where a white room would drain it away. Tan is for active spaces like dens and living rooms and combines nicely with hustle and bustle without adding to it.

If none of these general choices make you say “that’s me!” or “that’s my choice for a home office” we don’t want to leave you scratching your head. With that in mind, CertaPro offers free color consultations with a painting estimate so that you can have plenty of expert help finding just the right shades for your home. If you’re ready to express your sense of style, feel free to schedule an estimate today, and let’s work together to find just the right color palette that says “you”.