31 May 2022

Home Exterior Painting within HOA Communities

Many of CertaPro’s clients live in HOA communities. Painting your home when you live within an HOA (Homeowners Association) can be tricky. There are many more rules and regulations to follow. And these rules can involve a lot more than color choices. These regulations also can change quickly and sometimes without notice to homeowners. ButRead the full article

01 May 2022

The Little Known Benefits of Exterior Paint

If you asked most homeowners about the benefits that come from painting your home’s exterior, most of them would say it improves your home’s curb appeal & updates the look of your home. These answers are absolutely true. Most of the time the above features are all people think about when deciding to re-paint theRead the full article

01 April 2022

Where to Start When You Want to Transform Your Bathroom

The days are getting longer. The weather is warming up. Spring is definitely here. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal. We begin opening up our windows and cleaning off our decks. Spring is also a great time to take on a home improvement project or two. If you are inexperienced with home projects,Read the full article

7 Tips for Painting your Basement

Many years ago, basements were mainly used for storage and sump pumps but today many things have changed. In the 21st century, people utilize their basement space for many different things. Your basement can be a great place to entertain, relax, work, or create your own DIY hobby shop. But unfortunately, there are still manyRead the full article

28 February 2022

Can I Paint Over my Home’s Vinyl Siding?

Does your vinyl siding look old and dingy? Is it affecting the overall curb appeal of your home? In the past, homeowners would have to trash their old siding and purchase entirely brand new vinyl to improve the look of the exterior of their home. This project can be extremely expensive. But do not worry.Read the full article

31 January 2022

Painting Schools with commercial painting professionals

If your school building is feeling a little dated on the inside, consider sprucing it up with a fresh coat of interior paint.  When you manage and maintain a school (or church, community assistance organization, or other municipal building) – keeping a clean, well-maintained building is key. You want to portray a professional image andRead the full article

Make your dining room more useable with a bit of paint and décor

Your dining room is usually the place where family comes together for celebrations and holidays. But why not utilize this room on a daily basis? Not just for holidays and gatherings with out-of-town relatives anymore, styling your dining room so it can be used every day for immediate family dinners is a great idea. ThisRead the full article

02 January 2022

Living Room Design with CertaPro

Years ago, most living rooms had stuffy seating arrangements with plastic-covered furniture where nobody really spent any significant amount of time. However, thank goodness, today we actually spend a great deal of time in our living rooms. You relax there after work, you host parties and holiday gatherings there, and it’s also a special cozyRead the full article

Let CertaPro Help with Your Kitchen Upgrade

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend looking for things in your kitchen? We try to put everything where it belongs but utensils, bowls & plastic food storage have a knack for getting lost in the back of cabinets. You come home from work tired and beat down. All you want toRead the full article

30 November 2021

Renovate Your Bathroom With These 3 Painting Services

Could your bathroom use a refresh? Here at CertaPro Painters, our skilled painting technicians can transform your bathroom in no time with our professional painting and light carpentry services. While your bathroom may not be the first place on your painting list, renovating this space can make unwinding for the day much more relaxing. BelowRead the full article