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Wallpaper Removal Services For South Arlington

At CertaPro Painters® of South Arlington / Mansfield, TX we understand that wallpaper removal can be a tedious, frustrating, and lengthy process. It’s a task that, if not done correctly, can lead to unnecessary damage to your walls, making them difficult to repair. That’s why we’re here – to take the hassle and worry out of this tricky process for homeowners like you.

Our team of professionals is equipped with the highest-quality tools, from simple scrapers and sanders to heavy-duty industrial steamers. This arsenal, combined with our years of professional experience, enables us to deliver impeccable results, far surpassing what any DIY enthusiast can achieve. Our meticulous approach ensures that your walls are treated with the utmost care, preventing damage and preparing them for a fresh new look.

At CertaPro Painters® of South Arlington / Mansfield, TX we provide wallpaper installation (and removal) in:

Ellis County – Midlothian – Waxahachie – Venus – Kennedale – & Other Nearby Areas

I recently hired CertaPro Painters of South Arlington to remove the old wallpaper in my living room, and wow, what a fantastic job they did! Their team was super friendly, arriving on time with all the right tools. They worked efficiently, paying great attention to detail, and left my walls looking flawless and ready for a new look. I was really impressed with their professionalism and the care they took in my home. A big thumbs up to CertaPro for making this experience so easy and enjoyable!

- Jamie K. | Arlington, TX

Jamie K. | Arlington, TX

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Wallpaper Removal Service Pricing

At CertaPro Painters® of South Arlington / Mansfield, TX , we are committed to providing transparent and tailored pricing for our wallpaper removal services. The cost is influenced by several important factors, including:

  1. Room Size: The dimensions of the area dictate the scope of work required.
  2. Duration of Wallpaper Application: Wallpapers that have been in place for extended periods may require more intricate removal processes.
  3. Adhesive Intensity: The type and amount of glue used can affect the complexity of the removal.
  4. Wall Configuration: The shape and layout of the walls can also impact the removal process.

For a precise and comprehensive estimate, we encourage potential clients to contact CertaPro Painters® of South Arlington / Mansfield, TX for a complimentary evaluation. Our pricing is customized based on the specific requirements of each project. Additionally, we offer combined service packages, including wallpaper removal, color consultation, and painting services. Opting for these combined solutions can be cost-effective and efficient, particularly for projects requiring consecutive or same-day service.

Wallpaper Removal Process

The Advantages of Choosing Wallpaper

Wallpaper, though often perceived as more costly than paint, offers significant benefits that justify the investment. The following points highlight the advantages of opting for wallpaper:

  1. Diverse Selection: Wallpaper is available in an extensive array of patterns, designs, and finishes, offering greater versatility in interior decoration.
  2. Flexibility in Application: Properly applied wallpaper can be conveniently removed and replaced, allowing for easier updates to your space.
  3. Longevity: Quality wallpapers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, significantly outlasting the durability of standard paint.
  4. Durability: Wallpapers are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  5. Surface Compatibility: Wallpaper effectively covers and conceals uneven wall surfaces, providing a smooth finish.
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YOU CAN RELAX… We are professionals who understand the disruptions of having work done in your home. We will do everything we can to make it as easy for you as possible!

Challenges of DIY Wallpaper Installation

While DIY wallpaper installation may appear straightforward, it often proves to be more complex than anticipated. Key steps involved in the process include:

  • Precise measurement of walls.
  • Accurate calculation and procurement of the required quantity of wallpaper.
  • Wall preparation for optimal application.
  • Careful cutting of the wallpaper for a precise fit.
  • Correct application of adhesive.
  • Meticulous and precise placement of the wallpaper, ensuring a smooth and uniform appearance.

Due to the intricate nature of these tasks, inexperienced individuals may encounter difficulties, leading to visible errors in the wallpaper’s appearance. These mistakes can be costly to rectify. Therefore, engaging professional wallpaper installers is recommended to ensure a flawless finish and to avoid additional expenses arising from potential errors in self-installation.

Wallpaper Removal Process

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