24 November 2021

More than Beige Stucco Paint: Color Options

Stucco is an extremely popular exterior home material in South Arlington/Mansfield. It is great for holding up against UV rays and extreme heat. Stucco also comes in an ample amount colors and is a great way to improve your curb appeal. But how do you know what stucco colors will look best for your home?Read the full article

27 October 2021

Color Options for Stone and Stucco House Exteriors

When you live in a place like South Arlington/Mansfield, stucco and stone house exteriors are present on every neighborhood street––and for good reason! These exteriors are extremely durable. With the extreme heat and harsh winters of Texas, having a weatherproof home is essential. It is also important for your home to look great! Of course,Read the full article

28 September 2021

How to Find the Best Holiday Interior Painting Contractor

With the holidays approaching, many homeowners are looking to update their home interiors. Because the project is so time sensitive, though, it is essential that you hire only the best of the best interior painting contractor. Unfortunately, finding the best holiday interior painting contractor can be a challenge. Failure to do so can result inRead the full article

31 August 2021

Mansfield’s Local Painters with National Backing

It’s no suprise the local community neede support, post-pandemic. Many homeowners are becoming very aware of the importance of hiring local. Working with locals in your area supports those businesses and neighbors close to you. Sometimes hiring locals can forgo the benefits of a national company. Working with CertaPro Painters of South Arlington/Mansfield allows youRead the full article

30 July 2021

Can You Paint Siding? Our Professional Input

There comes a time for every home when the paint is chipping and peeling so bad that a new paint job is basically required. If your house is made of vinyl siding, though, you may wonder if this is even a possibility. Do you have to replace your siding? Or can you paint siding? TheRead the full article

13 June 2021

Additional House Painting Services to Look for When Hiring Exterior Painters

When you need to paint the exterior of your home, it is essential to find the most capable, professional company to get the job done. There is more to look for than a crew that can put the paint on the wall, though. House painting often requires additional services you may not look for theRead the full article

22 May 2021

How Often to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in South Arlington, TX

Life can get crazy. We understand that keeping up with the exterior paint on your home isn’t always at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, there comes a time with every home that a paint job is inevitable. But how often should you really be painting the exterior of your home? While some companiesRead the full article

23 April 2021

Popcorn Removal Options

There is no faster way to date a property then with popcorn ceilings. Removing these ceilings are messy and costly. To update your home, take a look at these popcorn removal options. Cover Popcorn Ceilings At the time when popcorn ceilings became popular, not much was known about their contents and make up. Advancements todayRead the full article

15 March 2021

3 Reasons to Switch Out Your New Construction Painting

Going over new construction painting right after moving into a new home may seem like a waste of time. However, there are plenty of good reasons to redo that new construction paint with a coat of your choice.  Most typical home builders will finish a home with a flat paint with a single color. ThisRead the full article

18 January 2021

COVID-19 Safe Painting Practices

At CertaPro Painters, we’re open and COVID safe measures. As you can imagine, the safety of our crew and customers is our priority while completing estimates and work at your property. To accomplish this, we have put precautionary measures in place. This includes social distancing, masks, and more. Before we arrive for an estimate orRead the full article