15 December 2022

Interior Painting: Our Expert Tips for a Great Finish

It can be intimidating to take on an interior painting project. The myriad of brushes, rollers, and paint types can be overwhelming to even the best DIY-ers. Our professionals have compiled a list of our top three interior painting tips. Following these tips will make the painting process easier and the final product better. OurRead the full article

10 November 2022

Winter Color Schemes to Warm up Winter

One of the best parts of winter is embracing all the cozy things. Soft sweaters, warm seasonal coffees, and even ultra-cozy paint colors. Winter is the perfect time of year to take care of any interior home projects on your list. Interior painting is one of the most common projects to take on at thisRead the full article

15 October 2022

Color Trends for Cabinets: Texas Colors for Your Home

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to give your home a facelift. A new color can completely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. Additionally, since the kitchen is the most visited room in the home, a good paint job can even transform your entire household. This is just one of theRead the full article

09 June 2022

Cabinet Refinishing vs Refacing

Since the cabinets in your house get a lot of use, and trends change, changing out your cabinets may seem like the only option. Turns out, it’s not. If the wood is in good condition, you could take a chance on a refinishing job. Replacing them is a big – and costly- decision. Cabinet refinishingRead the full article

22 March 2022

Exterior Painting Tips and Tricks

Exterior paint jobs are big jobs, there’s no denying it. Even a house that needs a lot of work can look immensely better with a fresh coat of paint. You’ll love your newfound curb appeal, that is, if you can get through the task at hand. Here are our exterior painting tips and tricks toRead the full article

23 February 2022

Why You Should Paint Your Ceiling

When people think about painting a home, they’ll think about the interior walls, the exterior walls, and some detail work. They often miss out on one place that can easily transform a room: the ceiling! There are plenty of benefits that come when you paint your ceiling. Not only does it take the look ofRead the full article

24 January 2022

Cabinet Refacing or Refinishing?

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen. Replacing them is a big – and costly- decision. Refinishing them can add life, but are your cabinets up to the task? Should you refinish your kitchen cabinets, or replace them all together? In this article, our professionals will dive into both of these options and when it’sRead the full article

22 December 2021

Why CertaPro Painters® are the Best Commercial Painters

It can be a daunting task to paint the interior or exterior of your commercial business. Unlike residential painting, commercial painting has other elements that can complicate the process. Because of these complications, it is essential that you hire the best commercial painters in your area. Hiring the wrong painter for the job can resultRead the full article

24 November 2021

More than Beige Stucco Paint: Color Options

Stucco is an extremely popular exterior home material in South Arlington/Mansfield. It is great for holding up against UV rays and extreme heat. Stucco also comes in an ample amount colors and is a great way to improve your curb appeal. But how do you know what stucco colors will look best for your home?Read the full article

27 October 2021

Color Options for Stone and Stucco House Exteriors

When you live in a place like South Arlington/Mansfield, stucco and stone house exteriors are present on every neighborhood street––and for good reason! These exteriors are extremely durable. With the extreme heat and harsh winters of Texas, having a weatherproof home is essential. It is also important for your home to look great! Of course,Read the full article