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Color Consultation Services in Salt Lake City

CertaPro Painters® of Salt Lake City offers free color consultations to each of our clients. When you schedule a color consultation with our design team, you can take the stress out of finding the perfect paint color for your interior or exterior spaces. We also have a display of Sherwin Williams colors at our main office in Murray, UT that you are welcome to utilize. Please call ahead to schedule a time to stop in.

If you are looking for a virtual color comparison option, we recommend checking out the CertaPro Painters® MyPaint Colors™ visualizer. This allows you to get an idea of how specific paint colors will look in your Salt Lake City home.

To help you brainstorm, explore the following locations of your house/building and consider what needs a fresh color scheme:

Exterior Color Ideas

Interior Color Schemes

Trim & Door Colors

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Preparing for Your Color Consultation Meeting

Upon confirming your project with our sales team, we will arrange a convenient time to visit your home and discuss color choices.

To make the most of our consultation, it would be ideal if you could prepare samples of any upcoming changes to your home decor. For instance, if you’re planning on installing new carpets or roofing, having a sample of these materials would aid us in steering you towards the ideal paint color match.

Another technique to optimize your color consultation is to seek inspiration from your surroundings or digital platforms like Pinterest or HOUZZ. This will provide you a sense of what resonates with you and the direction you’d like to steer your home decor. While we’re here to advise, it’s important to remember that the final choice for the color palette rests with you.

During our visit, we’ll present you with a range of color suggestions on paper, similar to what you’d find at a paint store. To ensure your chosen color lives up to your expectations, we recommend testing a sample on the area to be painted. We would suggest refining your choices down to 2 or 3 before purchasing the sample.

Considering the color in varying lighting scenarios can also be beneficial as the way we perceive color varies with different light sources. It’s important to check how your chosen color looks throughout the day under different light conditions.

Keep in mind that the quote covers two coats of paint. Some shades, especially bright or white ones, might need a third coat to match the color standard on the paint chip. Your color consultant will be able to advise if this is the case, and suggest alternatives to avoid any unexpected costs.

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