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Professional Painting for Brick Surfaces in Plymouth, MI

Painting brick has widely been acknowledged as one of the most difficult painting projects due to the porous nature of the material. Brick ends up soaking up a lot of paint, which means more paint will be needed compared to other common exterior surfaces. However, brick painting has increased in demand and has become a popular way to transform the curbside look and feel of brick homes.

Since Brick painting started to trend, lots of people have asked us about painting and maintaining brick, whether it be whitewashing bricks, lime wash, or mortar wash. Certapro Painters® professionals will seamlessly and efficiently remodel your brick home.

Painting your brick is a permanent change to the home. Before painting the brick surfaces of your home, carefully consider the pros and cons of what the results of the project will bring. It will be extremely difficult to fully remove paint from brick once it has been applied. You can consult with one of our Certapro Painters® before tackling this project, to get a better idea of what want before we start.

We’ve decided to paint our brick home, what do we need to know?

Trapped moisture can damage brick and cause paint to peel, so be sure to caulk any cracks or gaps, especially near doors and windows, so water doesn’t seep in.

The paint applied to your brick need to be specifically formulated for masonry homes. Masonry paint and stain formulas have a different PH than regular wood coatings and allow the brick home to “breathe” when dry.

A painted or stained brick home requires maintenance that an unpainted brick home doesn’t require:  

  • The dirt and mildew are less noticeable when bricks are unpainted, and so dirt will stand out on lighter painted brick. On the other hand, now that you can see the dirt and moss, and mold on your home, it’ll be easier to notice when your home needs to be power washed or cleaned – this is helpful for allergy sufferers.
  • Down the line, painted or stained brick will need to be repainted.
  • While it’s difficult to remove the paint from brick in the future, you can easily paint the brick a different color down the line. In 2020, on the South Shore, we painted some white brick homes a creamier greige with great success.
Brick being painted white

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Good reasons to paint your brick home:

  • There’s nothing like a uniform and lighter color paint that freshens up the heavy and industrial feel of a brick home. With paint, the brick and mortar “fade” to the background, and your whole house will look fresher.
  • Painting brick is an easy way to quickly change the curbside appearance of your home.
  • Paint on the surface helps seal cracks and gaps where bugs or water could get in.

Prepping Brick for Painting

Brick surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and fully dry before painting begins. Damaged areas of brick should also be repaired and replaced rather than painted over. We start most brick painting projects with a thorough power washing, followed by patching and repairs to any areas that look like they could be a problem.

Painting brick exteriors is not recommended as a DIY project for these reasons. If you are interested in painting the exterior of your brick home and live in the Plymouth, Michigan service area. Contact us to set up a free estimate appointment.

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