28 April 2021

Why Agreeable Gray Will Help Sell Your Home

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect paint color to help sell your home, Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams is an excellent choice. This warm paint color is an exquisite blend of gray and beige, often referred to as greige. It is a popular color choice among homeowners due to its beauty andRead the full article

21 September 2020

Paint It Pink

Like to make a donation?Click Here CertaPro Painters® has once again partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint It Pink. The goal is to raise $50k total during October and November to generate awareness and help fund breast cancer research. Participating franchisees will be donating $10 from every painting project completed between OctoberRead the full article

19 March 2020

Painters in Canton, MI Share Tips for Spring Remodel

You would be hard pressed to find a homeowner that looks forward to the mess and disruption that comes with an exterior paint job. While the finished project is exciting and lovely, it can be a challenge to cross the finish line. Arming yourself with information and managing expectations before the job starts sets youRead the full article

20 February 2020

Plymouth Painters Help You Transform Bedrooms in an Empty Nest

When the kids leave the house, you may feel loss, but you have gained a new room! Some homeowners decide to downsize and go smaller. Others use the newly emptied rooms to create useful spaces. Plymouth, MI painters from CertaPro Painters® show you ways to transform bedrooms in an empty nest. Once you have hadRead the full article

26 January 2020

Let Plymouth Painters Help You Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet

Do you have a walk-in closet that has potential to be so much more? Turn it into your dream closet! The winter is the perfect time to complete projects like this. Investing time and money in the closet will pay off in the end. After all, it will be the room you are getting readyRead the full article

22 December 2019

Should You Paint Your House Interior in the Winter?

When it comes to painting, most people think it’s a summer home maintenance task. There are quite a few benefits to painting in the winter. If your walls could use some love, don’t wait for the ground to thaw, get some paint chips and get started. Here are the pros and cons of a winterRead the full article

19 November 2019

What is HOA Painting and How CertaPro Works with Home Owners Associations

What is HOA Painting? If you live in in a homeowner’s association it is important that your house is painted correctly. The colors you chose need to be approved by the association and you need to make sure the painting is done correctly so that it doesn’t begin peeling and chipping shortly after the projectRead the full article

11 October 2019

4 Trending Paint Colors That Will Give You a Fresh Start

As we head into a new season, why not update your interior colors too? Bring in new shades to impress holiday visitors with vivid and trending updates. Here are 4 trending paint colors that will give you a fresh start. Lilac Take a nod from the flowers outdoors like Forget Me Nots and Lilacs ofRead the full article

13 September 2019

Use this checklist to prepare your home for winter

Your home is your defense against the elements. It protects you from precipitation and temperature. But it can’t be a good defense if you don’t help it’s defense system, among them, the paint. Here’s a complete checklist to prepare your home for winter. Check your home’s heating and air conditioning system Central heating and airRead the full article

27 August 2019

How to Hire a Painter

Painting your home, whether interior or exterior, is a big job. Professionals are happy to help with the massive undertaking. Hiring a pro can be just as intimidating. Bringing in a professional painter will ensure you end up with a high-quality job you are happy with. What should you know going in? Here’s how toRead the full article