31 May 2021

What you should ask when getting an estimate for painting

Meeting with a painting contractor to discuss your next painting project can seem like a daunting task, if you had all the answers you might even do the work yourself so where to even begin? Let us walk you through the basics of what to look for and what to ask during an estimate appointmentRead the full article

01 March 2021

Increasing Your Home’s Resale Value With a Repaint

  Are you about to put your home up for sale? Before you have your property listed, there are a few professional painting projects that you should consider tackling to make your house stand out. Our professional painters at CertaPro Painters of Pasadena can help you increase your home resale value through our trusted paintingRead the full article

Fresh Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

The perfect color for you can vary depending on many different factors, including your taste, design trends, and architecture. But in a sea of white and gray kitchen walls and cabinets, yours can stand out with a pop of color fit for you. There are a few ways to get started to help you selectRead the full article

27 January 2021

Tips for Painting Commercial Office Space

Tips For Repainting Your Commercial Office Space One of the ways you can present your business or office space in a positive light is by updating your interior paint colors. The overall design of your company can either entice your customers to work with you or make them consider going someplace else for their neededRead the full article

Exterior Power Washing Around Your House

Power washing your home’s exterior and surroundings Hey Pasadena, you know that spring is on its way and weary homeowners will be ready to hit the great outdoors. It’s likely you have run into one of two things outside, pollen and airborne dirt. Either way, an exterior spring cleaning could be in order. Here’s whyRead the full article

23 December 2020

Staying Covid Safe During House Painting

At CertaPro Painters® of Pasadena, we’re open and offering COVID safe measures. While providing estimates and performing work on your property, the safety of our customers and team members is always our priority. To accomplish this, we have established the COVID-safe practices we employ when meeting with you or working at your home. These include socialRead the full article

22 December 2020

The Top 10 Exterior House Painting Problems and How To Solve Them

Painting the exterior of your house is quite a project. You want to do it right and not run into any problems, however, sometimes there are paint issues that arise. If you find yourself with one of these ten common paint problems listed below, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 most common exteriorRead the full article

26 November 2020

Wood Deck Staining & Maintenance in Pasadena

Do you have a deck, fence, patio, Pergola, or archway around your home? Then you know that constant exposure to the elements can take a toll on your wooden surfaces. If you don’t take good care of them by re-sealing and re-staining at the right times, they can become a costly repair expense that can decrease the value of yourRead the full article

24 November 2020

The 5 Reasons why business owners choose CertaPro for commercial painting in Pasadena.

Commercial painting is different than having your house painted. Business Owners want a property that reflects their company, the first impression ties into their brand, the appearance needs to look professional, clean, and attractive. Not just for the owners, but the employees and customers. When it’s time to paint a commercial space, business owners inRead the full article

20 October 2020

Two San Gabriel houses that features loads of white trim to great effect.

Let’s start with a “rule”, you can paint your house’s exterior in two colors or three colors but not one color and not more than three. Why is that? Let’s look at the one color option – a house painted just one color with no contrasting second color is called a building. A warehouse isRead the full article