Painting for the Restaurant, Dining and Hospitality Industry

Posted on January 2, 2022

No matter if you own a catering company, a special event rental venue, or a four-star restaurant, Certapro knows how to create the perfect atmosphere your business needs to thrive in today’s economy.

When thinking about what makes a restaurant successful, the menu and the quality of the food are what first pops to mind. But the food or entertainment you offer may not be enough to get people to walk through the door. The way your restaurant’s exterior & interior looks, and the atmosphere you’ve created in it are of the utmost importance for your success.

Hiring CertaPro commercial painters will help you revitalize your restaurant and drive in more business.

Although our professional commercial exterior and interior painters will give you guidance and feedback, you can start the planning process now. Think about what you want your paint job to look like when it is complete and how it can help your overall business goals.

When Planning your Commercial Food Business Makeover, Here are a Few Tips to Consider:

What Type of Restaurant Do You Run?

Maybe you serve up fast food hot & fresh. Or do you cater to large crowds in a casual setting? Or maybe you offer fine dining and an ambiance of intimacy and elegance?

In any of these settings, the paints you select will have a profound effect on the atmosphere of your restaurant.

The cuisine you specialize in also affects paint choices.

Whether you’re serving Greek, Mexican, Italian, or Japanese dishes, you may want at least some of your paint choices to reflect the ethnic or cultural origins of your menu. If you’re operating a restaurant that promotes healthy, natural eating, your paint job may have some earthier tones of rich brown and green.

Does your restaurant have a particular theme?

For example, maybe you’re aiming to maintain the fun, lively atmosphere of a party on a tropical beach. Or maybe your restaurant is themed on a speakeasy from the 1920s. Your restaurant can also reflect your personality.

For example, if you’re an artistic person running a bistro, your color choices can create a playfully quirky atmosphere.

Our experienced restaurant painters will know how to use your preferred colors in the best possible way. They’ll know how much of each color to use, which colors go well together, and where to apply them to achieve the desired effects.

The Psychological Effects of Colors

There’s no color that’s entirely unusable for a restaurant or dining establishment. What matters is choosing the right color combinations and palettes.

But you should still consider the potential psychological effects of colors. For example, excessive use of certain shades of blue or gray may have the effect of calming people’s appetites. In contrast, hunger and feelings of cheer may be stimulated by comparatively warmer shades of red, yellow, and orange.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid entire groups of colors while sticking narrowly to others. There are clever ways to manipulate the effects that different colors exert on the atmosphere of your restaurant and on the moods and appetites of diners.

For example, you can make good use of an accent wall, painting it in either a bold or a muted color to contrast with other components of your color scheme. The paints you choose also interact with the properties of other materials, including flooring, wall panels, mirrors, and furniture.

The Behaviors and Preferences of Your Patronage

If your restaurant is meant to attract families with young children. Light colors or vivid color combinations can be an excellent choice for making your restaurant more welcoming to small children. However, it’s important to remember that kids are messy, and they will touch walls and other surfaces with fingers covered in food.

One solution is to use matte paints in darker colors on areas that are most easily accessible to kids. It’s helpful to use paints that are less likely to show greasy smudges and that hold up well to repeated cleaning.

When relying on CertaPro’s reputable commercial painting services, you’ll receive essential guidance on how to make your paint job more responsive to customers’ expectations and behaviors. And you won’t have to arrive at critical decisions entirely on your own. Our color consultant will be there to guide you through these important decisions and considerations.


All these factors mentioned above are just a few considerations you must keep in mind when planning your commercial painting project. But don’t get overwhelmed. CertaPro painters are here to help you with the whole process, beginning to end.

We want to be a part of our thriving community and this means helping your business to be as successful as possible by providing the commercial painting services you and your business needs.

Ready to start your commercial business painting project today? Call our CertaPro painters at 626-584-6111 or schedule online for a free estimate!